Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez Voted Most Overrated Players In NFL

Tim Tebow was named the most overrated player in the NFL by Sports Illustrated today ahead of teammate and New York Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Yes, both of the most overrated players in the NFL play for the Jets.

More than 180 NFL players voted in the annual survey from Sports Illustrated. Tim Tebow received 34% of the votes and was named the league’s most overrated player. Sanchez finished in second with 8% of the vote. Dallas Quarterback Tony Romo also received 8% of the vote.

The NFL Network reports that this is the second consecutive year that Tebow has been named the most overrated player in the NFL. Last year, Tebow earned the title during a pretty productive season. The former Mile-High-Messiah had a streak of “miraculous” wins and eventually led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs.

According to ESPN, Tebow was also ranked 95th on the list of the NFL’s 100 greatest players at the end of last season.

This year, however, Tebow has hardly seen the field. Tebow won’t be on the NFL’s top 100 list this year but he is still one of the league’s most talked about players. Should the Jets replace Sanchez with Tebow? Is it Tebow time yet? How about now? Is it Tebow time?

Tebow is a back up quarterback who plays more on special teams than on offense. He’s only completed two passes so far this season for a total of 32 yards. Yet, somehow, people still have him rated high enough for him to be considered overrated.

That is truly an accomplishment.

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