‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ News: Jewel Talks Going Back Home, Says Fame Doesn’t Make You Happy

A lot of people don’t realize that country singer Jewel also happens to be part of the Kilcher family on the hit show Alaska: The Last Frontier. Last night, Jewel made an appearance on the show while back home in Alaska visiting her family. Fox News got the chance to speak to Jewel, and she shared about going back home and that she doesn’t feel like fame and money make you happy.

This was the first time that Jewel had went back home in seven years and the first time that Jewel had taken her son with her to visit. Jewel explained why it took her so long to go home saying, “It took me a while to get pregnant, and I didn’t go up to Alaska in that time, so I wanted to wait until (son) Kase was old enough to really remember Alaska. And it was really special to be able to share it with him.” Her son is now 5-years-old, and it was the perfect time for her to take him to visit.

Now Jewel doesn’t speak to her mother at all and hasn’t in years. She is close to the rest of her family, though. Jewel said, “I’m very proud of how my family raised me and how my grandfather raised my dad and his siblings… I learned I was capable; I wasn’t told I was capable. I learned confidence, and I had struggles to overcome, and I was able to prove to myself that I was up to it and it is really something as a parent that I take to heart.”

Jewel actually feels like the way that she grew up in Alaska is a lot of why she is the way she is today. She shared saying, “It definitely made me know from the get-go that fame and money don’t make you happy. It’s what kind of human you are that determines that. I also had a great work ethic…” Jewel is now a single mother of a little boy, but she seems to be doing great with him.

Channel Guide Magazine also got the chance to talk to Jewel about being on the show and heading back home. This is the first time she has ever appeared on the show. Jewel loved being able to take her son there and for him to learn things from her dad on the homestead. It just seems like it was the perfect time for Jewel to go.

Jewel had shown her son episodes of the show before and talked to him about the homestead. Even though she had never taken her son up there before, Jewel shared that her dad comes to visit them often, so of course, Kase already knew him before going. Jewel shared that he still talks about the trip and her dad is even preparing things for them to return. She said her son loved it in Alaska sharing, “I think just being outdoors in nature. Seeing a moose. His blueberry fort. My dad’s going to build him a fort out there in that little outdoor playground that he made for Kase. He talks about picking wild blueberries. Listening to the Hermit Thrush sing. Just really simple beautiful things.” The viewers will get to see more of Jewel and her son Kase next week on the show, and you never know when she might decide to show up again.

Did you realize that Jewel was part of the Kilcher family before seeing her on Alaska: The Last Frontier? Do you think that Jewel was right to wait so long to visit again? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss catching Jewel again next week on Alaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery on Sunday night.

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for CMT]

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