Amber Heard Divorce Settlement From Johnny Depp Stalled, Halting Promised Donations To Children’s Hospital And ACLU

Amber Heard promised to donate her entire $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp. At least, that’s what the starlet claimed she was going to do after quickly reaching a deal with Johnny less than three months after she filed for divorce. Soon after Amber announced that she would be donating Johnny’s payment, he decided to one-up his former wife and sent the first installment of the divorce deal to the organizations that Amber named, causing her to become irate.

The plan was to split the payment between a children’s hospital and the ACLU’s domestic violence unit, but so far, not a dime has been donated. According to TMZ, the reason for the hold up is that both Amber and Johnny have failed to sign paperwork finalizing the divorce deal. Because of that, no payment has been made to Amber yet.

After Amber Heard offered up Johnny Depp’s divorce settlement as a donation to the children’s hospital and the ACLU’s domestic violence unit, Johnny sent the first installment directly to the organizations that Amber named. Depp reportedly took a $200,000 payment and split it evenly between the two organizations and sent the money directly to them himself. Depp has said that he will do the same with the rest of Amber’s divorce money, but that is not going to work for his former wife — she wants payments sent directly to her.

Amber Heard reportedly doesn’t want Johnny Depp sending her divorce settlement payments himself because she doesn’t want him getting the tax deduction for the donation. Instead, Amber reportedly wants to receive the money and then dole it out herself. It seems that if Amber would just let Johnny make those payments directly, it would alleviate her from paying taxes on the cash so she wouldn’t need the tax write off for donating. Is that really why Amber wants the money sent to her rather than being donated directly?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp struck a divorce deal back in August. Depp agreed to pay Heard $7 million as the two rushed to divorce. The pair split in May after Amber accused Johnny of getting physical during an altercation in their home and filed for divorce just three days after Depp’s mom died. Two days after that, Amber filed for a restraining order to keep Johnny Depp away from her and also released photos of bruises on her face that allegedly came from an altercation between the two.

According to Johnny Depp’s lawyer, the paperwork finalizing their divorce settlement should be signed this week. However, there may be a new hitch in that divorce settlement. Due to Amber Heard’s domestic violence PSA that was recently released, Depp may not have to pay her. As part of their divorce deal, Amber can’t discuss the domestic violence allegations she has previously waged against Johnny. In the new PSA, Amber did everything but name Johnny Depp directly.

Apparently, Amber’s camp argues that she didn’t name Johnny in the PSA and therefore, he still needs to pay up. Johnny’s lawyer responded to TMZ and claimed that his client plans on paying after the paperwork has been signed. Despite previous plans to pay the charities directly, he will make payments to Amber Heard, who will then make her donations all by herself.

Do you think Johnny Depp should have to pay Amber Heard the $7 million they agreed on as part of their quickie divorce, or did Amber’s domestic violence PSA give Johnny a good reason to fight paying out millions after failing to sign a prenup with his short-term bride? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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