‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Left Divided Over Alex Legal Storyline: DeLuca Called A ‘Cry Baby’

Grey’s Anatomy fans take to social media to debate all sorts of storylines on the show, but Alex’s legal storyline is taking up most of the debates. Fans are divided over the whole situation, with some branding Dr. Andrew DeLuca a “cry baby” because of his actions. The name-calling has led to fights and arguments within social media fan groups.

Fans love to debate the Grey’s Anatomy storylines in their private groups. The common theme lately has been about Alex and how he can’t leave the show. Fans don’t want to see him go to prison and have taken to calling DeLuca a cry baby for filing charges against the fan-favorite attending. They don’t see why DeLuca can’t drop the charges and allow Alex to walk free.

Their arguments for Alex walking free include the attack being an act of passion. They claim that Alex just saw red and believed that DeLuca was taking advantage of Jo. Alex didn’t have time to react sensibly.

However, there are others on DeLuca’s side. Some fans have noted that Alex took things too far. Alex could have thrown one or two punches at DeLuca and got him out of the apartment to protect Jo. Some have even argued that violence wasn’t even necessary. DeLuca instantly stood up and put his hands out in defense to stop Alex taking things too far.

There are plenty of Grey’s Anatomy fans who have been victims of assault. They put themselves in the position of DeLuca and share how he isn’t being a “cry baby.” It’s important to remember that DeLuca almost lost his job because of Alex’s actions. He has thousands of dollars in medical bills that DeLuca even tells Arizona ate up the majority of his savings.

Fans are also quick to remind the Grey’s Anatomy Alex lovers that DeLuca isn’t the one who filed charges and has no control over what happens now. Alex confessed to the police, and the state has now taken over the case. It is up to the D.A. to choose what to do and that currently involves the felony charge against Alex.

A.V. Club does share that it wouldn’t be that shocking for Alex to leave Grey’s Anatomy. Shonda Rhimes regularly creates storylines to make fans love characters before she kills them or has them leave the show. George had the storyline to join the army before being killed by being run over by a bus, while Derek made the decision to return to his family before being hit by the semi. Alex has recently made the decision to accept the plea deal to prevent Jo from having to testify and release her real name, so her abusive husband can’t find her. He has a heroic storyline that would be a perfect way to have him leave on a more positive note.

That being said, Grey’s Anatomy fans don’t want him to go. They would rather see Jo and DeLuca leave because Alex is a favorite. This is where the “DeLuca is a ‘cry baby'” debate has come into play. Fans love Alex so much that they are only seeing one side of the story. They forget that DeLuca could suffer some PTSD from the attack, which does happen in assault victims. All fans have to do is look at how DeLuca reacted in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premiere when seeing Alex to know that there will be some residual fear there.


If the situation were reversed, more Grey’s fans would likely be on the victim’s sides. It shows the downside of such a storyline when some fans can’t see past their love for a character or can’t put themselves in the victim’s shoes.

Which side of the debate are you on? Do you believe DeLuca is a “cry baby,” or do you think Alex needs to go to jail?

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