‘Fixer Upper’ Returns With Even More Fun, Family, And Shiplap

Chip and Joanna Gaines, hosts of HGTV’s hit series Fixer Upper, have had a very busy and productive year, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Together, these masters of renovation have the ability to take the most dilapidated and distressed homes and completely transform them inside and out. With Joanna’s signature design style and Chip’s fun-loving sense of humor, they have developed a loyal fan base that can’t get enough of Fixer Upper or the Gaines family.

On each episode of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna show a family three homes that are usually run-down and need a lot of work. As they walk their clients through each home on Fixer Upper, they describe what can be done to tailor each home to the family’s wants and needs. Once a family decides on a home, they are not allowed to see it until Chip and Joanna work their magic. What this powerhouse couple of renovation and design can do with each home is amazing and often leaves their clients speechless.

According to PopSugar, for Season 4, there will be some exciting new changes occurring on Fixer Upper. Joanna and Chip often include their four adorable children whenever possible, and on this season of Fixer Upper, the kids will get involved with some of the renovation projects. Fixer Upper fans love watching the playful banter and lighthearted interactions between Chip and Joanna. They are obviously a tight-knit family and seem to have a lot of fun together as they work to create the ideal home for other families. Two of Chip and Joanna’s favorite words seems to be “fun” and “sweet,” and these two words just happen to perfectly describe the entire Gaines family.

Fixer Upper viewers can expect to see some new areas such as playrooms, sitting nooks, and even a space specifically designed for what Joanna describes as a client’s “sweet furry friends.” Since the couple designed spaces for children on the new season of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna turned to their own kids for inspiration and design ideas.

“I want these spaces to be kid-friendly, but also stylish and something their parents love, too,” Joanna wrote on her blog. “The kids have had some really great ideas! And having them involved is fun for me.”

Chip and Joanna have been renovating homes for so long that on this season of Fixer Upper, Reality TV World shared that they will return to one of their earliest flips to give it a much-needed contemporary update.

“This is what we did for a living when we met,” said Chip. “Flipping this house is reminiscent of our beginnings.”

As fans of the show know, one of Joanna’s favorite design elements often includes shiplap, and this season, she will introduce a new type of shiplap that she calls “skinnylap.”

“Same idea as shiplap, but with thinner planks,” Joanna says, adding that viewers will see a lot of it during the renovations this season.

Besides the shiplap, she has also developed her own line of rugs, furniture, paint, and wallpaper. On this season of Fixer Upper, there will be a change toward more colorful walls inspired by Joanna’s vintage Americana style. She will add more wallpaper and bolder, brighter colors in her designs this season.

Joanna didn’t stop there, however. Together with Chip, they run a real estate company, opened a bed and breakfast, got Magnolia Market up and running, and published a new book, The Magnolia Story, that came out in October. Their most recent endeavor is their new magazine, Magnolia Journal. On Fixer Upper, viewers will also get a detailed look at the renovations that went into getting Magnolia Bakery ready for business. A special episode following the transformation of a building on their Magnolia Market property into the bakery will air on Valentine’s Day next year.

In regard to Fixer Upper, the couple remains focused on the families that they work with. As in previous seasons, Chip and Joanna will continue to feature clients who have compelling stories to share with fans of the wildly popular series.

“What’s unique about Fixer Upper is that, to me, it really is all about my client. Their style. Their budget. Their home,” Joanna stated. “The element of my job as a designer that is the most fun is getting to stretch myself creatively and really hone in on each family’s design style.”

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Fixer Upper airs on Tuesday, November 29 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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