Kanye West Saw It Coming

Kanye West might have seen his breakdown miles before it happened. Before his hospitalization, he exhibited symptoms such as public outbursts, ego trips, and the messiah complex among others.

West’s rants, behavior, and speeches have been the subject of constant jokes and criticism. A closer look at the situation reveals that they might have been the psychological effects of his life in the public limelight. Not long after his hospitalization, Kanye West was reported to be suffering from psychosis as a result of dehydration and sleep deprivation. This was after his hospitalization, following a call for emergency services by Kanye’s doctor who at the time was with the artist at a gym in LA where he supposedly had a breakdown.

There was a report that Kanye lashed out at one of the gym staff members. He was restrained on a gurney and whisked away to the hospital. The restraints are the typical procedure while dealing with psychiatric cases which also dictate that patients should be held for 72 hours. Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, had reportedly been doing everything in his power to cater to her husband. Unfortunately, West’s health situation was more serious than initially thought and he ended up spending Halloween in the hospital.

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Fellow artist John Legend stated that he was with Kanye recently and he expressed worry over his mental state. A lot of artists have also opened up and expressed their support of West. Some have even narrated their experiences with depression and other illnesses.

“Thank you for opening your hearts and extending your love and support during a troubling time,” wrote Kid Cudi on Monday.

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Despite the strong support of his family, a lot of people have criticized his behavior in response to his on-stage rants. His family has also been constantly under the watchful eyes of the public due to their celebrity status. There was, therefore, no normal response to his health condition. The family has been on a constant streak of bad luck recently, starting with Kim’s robbery in Paris. A lot of people responded with cruelty towards Kim’s misfortune in Paris and the same has been the case with Kanye’s health condition.

Kanye’s health condition explains a lot of things that people have questioned before. One such example is the claim that fellow hip-hop icon Jay-Z hired hitmen to kill him during his concert in Sacramento. The truth is that Kanye has always behaved in a certain way that appeared over the top and while perhaps part of it was good for showbiz, his health issues might have played a bit role in most of his unusual public outbursts. Unfortunately, those instances have become so common that nobody would have thought that they could be linked to an underlying health issue. People just thought that Kanye has a really high opinion of himself.

Most people would respond to his condition with sympathy but unfortunately, his family and the Kardashian family, in general, are viewed as superhumans due to their celebrity status and their fame. This has caused people to forget that they are still humans and they go through regular stuff that most people go through. Fortunately for Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has been very supportive of him. She dropped everything and went to be by his side, just like West did when he got the news that she had been robbed in Paris.

Further news about Kanye’s condition is yet to be released. Hopefully, he will have a full recovery so that he can get back to what he does best. The current situation is very surprising though Kanye might have seen it coming.

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