Chelsea Houska Baby: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Worried About Having A Baby Boy – And A Spinoff?

Chelsea Houska announced a few weeks ago that she was pregnant with a baby boy. While one can imagine that Chelsea and Cole are excited about this new venture in their lives, especially since Houska already has a daughter from a previous relationship, it sounds like Chelsea may have felt more comfortable in having a girl. Chelsea managed to handle everything in regards to Aubree when she was a little girl, so she knows what she’s dealing with if she was to have a girl. But Houska admits that she feels a bit out of her comfort zone having a boy.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea Houska is now revealing that she feels nervous about having a boy. She’s due early 2017, so she does have time to deal with the new experiences and read a couple of books. But her Teen Mom fans are convinced that her co-stars can help her out, as both Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans have had boys. Leah Messer has three daughters, so she may not be the best person to ask about baby boys.

“Why do I feel so nervous to have a boy?! I don’t have very much experience with baby/little boys and I want to do everything right,” Chelsea Houska revealed on Twitter, sharing that she was completely nervous about the challenge that lies ahead, especially since she feels comfortable in raising a little baby girl as she has done that once before.

As soon as Chelsea Houska wrote the tweet, several people who have had boys shared their experiences. As it turns out, there’s only one thing she needs to prepare herself for – the pee.

“The only thing you really need to prepare for is pee. My son peed in my mouth while I was changing his diaper once,” one person wrote to Chelsea Houska, while another pointed out that Kailyn Lowry will help her with the boy, writing, “Kail Lowry will keep you right.”

“I got you Chels!” Lowry wrote back to her Teen Mom co-star, while another person had confidence that Chelsea would do just fine, writing, “Don’t be nervous, u will be ok. Don’t stress yourself. U are a good mother & will do fine. Praying for a successful pregnancy.”

Last night, MTV decided to air a behind-the-scenes episode of Teen Mom, where the cameras followed the girls around before filming their reunion special. And in one scene, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn got to sit down and talk to one another. This scene resulted in Lowry proposing the idea that she and Chelsea get their own spinoff show. MTV would probably go ahead with the idea if there was an audience for it, but it sounds like Houska doesn’t have to worry about a spinoff offer, as people aren’t interested in seeing a show with them together. In fact, some people felt that the comment was rude to both Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans.

“I still think me & Chelsea should have our own show,” Lowry tweeted after watching the Teen Mom 2 special last night on MTV, which showed what happened behind the scenes when producers film with the girls.

“How do you think Leah & Jenelle will feel about your tweet? You are mean… please don’t drag sweet Chels down,” one person wrote in reply to Kailyn, while another added, “no neither of you have any value for ANY kind of show #worthlessdribble.”

What advice would you give Chelsea Houska now that she’s expecting a boy? Do you think she’s worrying too much about something that she will be able to handle just fine when her baby boy arrives this winter?

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