‘Secrets And Lies’ Spoilers: The Killer Is Revealed In The Finale, But Who Is It?

Fans of the hit ABC show Secrets and Lies may have noticed that last night’s episode was packed with a series of twists and turns. But the latest Secrets and Lies spoilers suggest that the killer just might have been revealed. Who is it?

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Secrets and Lies spoilers.

According to the latest Secrets and Lies spoilers from CarterMatt.com, fans have to remember that if someone is a murder suspect at the beginning of a series, it’s most likely for a very good reason. And we’re to bear that in mind as we ask ourselves, “who killed Kate Warner, and why?” Detective Cornell is going to be focusing on catching her killer, while Patrick struggles to accept his “new normal.” And while it’s been revealed that Detective Cornell is going to be the one who is “shocked” at the end of it all, Eric also knows a lot more about who killed Kate than he’s letting on, as has been evidenced by his shocking revelation about his past. There’s no question that, by the end of it all, Detective Cornell will be making an arrest in the death of Kate Warner.

Meanwhile, TV Fanatic sat down with star McNally Sagal to dish on the latest Secrets and Lies spoilers. McNally, who plays the omnipresent May Stone, also hinted that the killer will be revealed in the finale, but she couldn’t disclose who it was, either. However, she teased that we would definitely be surprised by the end result!

“My character, May Stone, pushed Kate off the roof in a fit of jealous rage…she wanted Eric for herself! Just kidding….however, there was a time when I was the number one name as the killer in the cast pool. We put a dollar in the bucket each episode with our guesses. We were left in the dark as was everyone else.”

McNally, who previously had starring roles on Teen Wolf, Jane the Virgin, and Sons of Anarchy, also remarked that she was excited to hear about the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff, though there’s no word yet on whether she’ll be starring in it.

And while TVLine’s latest round of Secrets and Lies spoilers have pointed out that Patrick has been arrested, there’s no telling if he’ll be the one that’s ultimately arraigned for Kate’s murder.

After all, Eric has plenty of reason for wanting Kate dead, for he recently found out that his brother (and his sister-in-law) were guilty of plenty of wrongdoing (Melanie and Patrick — desperate and broke — were blackmailing him via Kate). Eric’s tracking software led him back to John, who got light-headed when Eric showed him the ransom note. Meanwhile, Eric was completely blown away when he discovered that Melanie was arrested for solicitation more than 10 years ago, and even more shocked by the fact that Melanie “worked off” her debt to the lawyer in exchange for getting her off.

Could it be, then, that Eric is the one who has the most motive to kill Kate?

The season — and possibly series — finale of Secrets and Lies airs next week on ABC. Check your local listings for time and channel.

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