Axl Rose Gives First Live Interview In Over 20 Years [Video]

Axl Rose sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night for his first live interview in over 20 years.

Rose was promoting a string of shows that Guns N’ Roses would be playing at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas starting on Halloween.

Rose has operated on his own schedule for a long time, and Kimmel was surprised that he even showed up for the interview last night.

Kimmel said: “I’m excited. First off, you’re right on time. You’re punctual. It’s incredible. I know you don’t do this often so I’m really honored.”

The legendary and temperamental frontman promised Kimmel and the audience that all of the shows would start at the scheduled time.

Rose told Kimmel about how he hitchhiked out to Los Angeles at the start of his career, how he feels a little dumb standing on the stage during guitar solos, and who he’s going to vote for.

Rose said: “I don’t really vote… I would lean democratic I guess I’d vote Obama.”

Rose also gave Kimmel an idea for a new Halloween prank. Rose said that he gets a “Halloween tree” every year so that he can tease little kids.

Rose said: Kids come over and I go, ‘What? You don’t have a Halloween tree?” And then I give them a present. And then for about three months I get calls from angry parents saying you son of a…”

Here’s the video from Axl Rose’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

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