Joy-Anna Duggar Steps Up As She Starts Courting Austin Forsythe, May Get Engaged Before Jana And After Jinger Duggar’s Wedding

Joy-Anna Duggar just announced that she is courting Austin Forsythe, but she already has been stepping up her game in the family. With her sister Jinger Duggar’s wedding done, the 19-year-old Duggar has been becoming more responsible in the family. If this continues, then Joy-Anna may find herself engaged even before her older sister Jana!

This Thanksgiving, without Jinger there, Joy-Anna helped her mother Michelle Duggar with shopping and running a few errands. Her mother, in turn, did not forget to mention that on Facebook.

It looks like a few things are changing around the Duggars’ household as they adjust to a new reality. Jinger Duggar is no longer around, as she just got married to Jeremy Vuolo earlier this month, which means that there is a vacuum to fill in terms of household chores. The next oldest Duggar girl is Joy-Anna, and it looks like she is following the family tradition of pulling her weight.

To make sure that she isn’t missing out, she announced that she is courting Austin Forsythe, whom she has known for fifteen years, right after Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding.

“I just asked her to enter a courtship with me,” Austin said, according to RadarOnline. “Almost 15 years. I picked this spot because last time we were here together was August 1, 2015.”

“I hadn’t been here in so long,” she said. “I was not expecting this. So happy.”

Her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, are definitely in support of this courtship.

“Austin is a great guy and we are excited for the future,” her mother said in a video she posted on family blog.

Her other sisters have also expressed their support for Joy-Anna and Austin.

“She’s smack dab in the middle of eight boys in the family lineup– two above, six below,” Jessa said of her younger sister Joy on Instagram. “Seems like just yesterday she was just a little tomboy playing with green plastic army men and running around the house fighting nerf gun wars with her bros! But now she’s all grown up… and and she’s a beautiful, godly young lady. Austin, ya got yourself a good one!”

Jill and Derick Dillard also chimed in on their family blog to give some advice.

“We are excited for your courtship,” Derick said. “Just remember first to seek God in every area of your life, including your relationship, and everything else will work out.”

Seeing how her sisters, Jill, Jessa and Jinger, all got married very soon after they started courting their husbands, there is a good chance that Joy-Anna will get engaged and walk down the aisle before long. That means that she will become the fourth younger sister of Jana Duggar, age 26, to beat her older sister in starting a family of her own.

Jana has received a lot of attention for not getting married, but that does not mean that there has been no man in her life.

“Jana didn’t name her suitors, but she has been attached to several men,” reports Yahoo! Sports. “Not only was she infamously linked to former NFL star Tim Tebow in 2014 (a claim her cousin vehemently denied on her behalf), she was also said to have once had a failed romance with a fellow reality star. In 2015 it was reported that Jana turned down advances from family friend and now-married “Bringing Up Bates” star Zach Bates after having “secret chaperoned dates.”

However, she has never announced that she started courting any one of these men, hinting that she is waiting for the perfect one to come around.

Do you think Joy-Anna will get engaged before Jana? Let us know in the comments below!

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