Best Buy’s Top Cyber Monday Deals This Year

There are few things as frustrating as purchasing an item on Cyber Monday or Black Friday for what you think is a great deal, only to see that same item selling at a better discount a week later. For many, this experience can be a turn off for all future Cyber Monday shopping. However, this is not how it needs to be. There are plenty of great deals that are only available at Best Buy on Cyber Monday. There are also plenty of deals that are dressed up to look like winners, when they could realistically be beaten at various times throughout the year with a simple purchase on Amazon.

Here are some of Best Buy’s top deals that will be selling this Cyber Monday and may not be available at similar prices in the future.


Televisions have always been a hot Cyber Monday and Black Friday item for Best Buy. This year is no different with a variety of models available from multiple brands. One deal stands above the rest.

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Samsung 55? LED 2160p Curved 4K Smart TV for $699 (save $300)

There are enough bells and whistles to make anyone’s head spin with this highly-rated television. Curved TVs are quickly becoming the next big deal and Samsung is leading the charge. This TV has great reviews as well as every new feature you can think of. It has rarely been seen this low and you cannot find similar deals elsewhere online, including Amazon. Here is a link to this Cyber Monday deal.


Since the first iPad, tablets have taken off and have been a huge part of most of Best Buy’s Cyber Monday deals. This year the deals look fairly similar to last year, with a few new tablets having hit the market.

Amazon Fire HD for $33 (save $17)

This deal was available last year and is available in most major retailers, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Amazon Fire is still one of the best Cyber Monday tablet deals on the market. While this tablet is no iPad, it has thousands of great reviews on nearly ever site it sells on, and achieves those reviews at an incredible price. The Fire is a great tablet for passive users who would like a tablet for basic functions, but don’t want to spend hundreds on the big-name tablets. Here is a link to this Cyber Monday deal.


This year Best Buy is pushing Chromebooks as the laptop of choice. Many Chromebooks, which already sell at deeply discounted prices when compared to other laptops, will be offered with an additional $50 off standard price.

The $50 off deal must be used on the Acer 2-in-1 touchscreen Chromebook. This laptop/tablet combo comes with 32 GB flash memory and has a touchscreen like most Chromebooks of its generation. It runs Chrome OS and has great reviews on Best Buy’s site and Amazon. You can get access to the deal via Best Buy’s website here.


One of the hottest deals in cameras this year is the Fuji Film Instant Film Camera. These cameras produce instant wallet sized photos and are small enough to fit inside of an average pocket. They will be selling for $49, or $20 off of their normal price. Shipping is free as well. You can view the deal here.

The second deal in cameras caters to a different audience, and matches some deals Best Buy ran last Cyber Monday.

The Canon EOS Rebel, with two lenses and a case will be selling for $499, a discount of $250. The Rebel is a great choice for beginning and intermediate photographers alike and has a near-perfect rating on Best Buy’s website. The deal can be viewed here.

A complete list of all best buy deals can be found via their Cyber Monday ad.

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