What Do You Think Of These Celebrity Push Presents?

Most moms have probably heard about push presents. Some moms may have even received one themselves after they gave birth. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term, a push present is something that moms are given after they’ve had a baby. Usually the present comes from the baby’s father and is a token of his appreciation and admiration for his partner.

Surprisingly, push presents aren’t a new thing; there are cultures that practice this form of gift giving to women who have given birth. Sometimes, a woman will buy the present herself as a reward. Some women demand push presents, while others are surprised by them. Others want no part in the matter.

Although it is controversial to some, to others, a push present just makes sense. After all of that hard work and suffering, why shouldn’t a woman be rewarded? Other moms feel like the baby is the reward when all is said and done and would rather have the money spent on things that the baby needs to get through that critical newborn period.

No matter which camp people belong to, learning about some of the outrageous push presents always proves interesting.

This list will cover some of the most outrageous push presents that have been given to celebrity moms. While most people may not be able to afford a push present like these, it’s a great case to justify getting a little something for working so hard to push that baby out.

Beyoncé And The $35,000 Ring

A few years ago, after Beyoncé gave birth to her baby, Blue Ivy Carter, she was spotted wearing an eight to 10 carat Tanzanite cushion cut ring. Beyoncé wore the ring to her husband’s party with matching blue nail polish. Since Jay-Z’s favorite color is blue and their daughter carries the name, speculation was made that the ring was a push present from her husband.

The ring’s value is said to be around $35,000 due to its size and rarity. While the couple never announced that the ring was a push present between husband and wife (and why would they?), it seems only fitting since the ring was first seen after Blue Ivy was born. Beyoncé has been photographed wearing the ring on several occasions, confirming it’s at least sentimental and important to her.

Nicole Kidman And The $120,000 Necklace

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were a surprise pair when it was announced that they were together. Perhaps even more surprising was when the couple announced they were expecting a child. Nicole gave birth to their first daughter and to celebrate, Keith gave her a gorgeous Cartier diamond-encrusted trinity ring. The two didn’t stop there, though.

Later, their second child was born (via surrogacy) and even though this time, it wasn’t technically a “push” present, Keith Urban didn’t care. He gave his wife a beautiful diamond and emerald cross that was valued at $120,000. These two know how to celebrate.

Kim Kardashian And The Million Dollar Push Present

It all started when Kim Kardashian started a conversation on her website in 2015 about whether or not a push present was a good idea. The star noted that she never really believed in the concept, but that close friends of hers did and had received some pretty great gifts.

It turns out that Kim decided she wanted on board, and like with everything, she would do it big. The star received a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker from Kanye after she gave birth to her second child, Saint West. The star decided she just had to have this statement piece of jewelry after she wore it on loan in 2014.

Of course Kim couldn’t wait to show it off and took to social media posting selfies of her wearing the choker paired with very revealing clothing.

Based on the research done for this article, Kim’s present is one of the most expensive push presents yet.

Chrissy Teigen And The Least Expensive (and Most Practical) Push Present Yet

This one is hilarious and so spot on. If you don’t believe in extravagant push presents, this is definitely more your style. Chrissy Teigen, wife of John Legend, bought her own push present. What was it? A perineal irrigation bottle. She even announced it on social media, perhaps as a jab towards all of the Hollywood push present popularity.

Super cheap and very practical, a perineal bottle is one of those need-to-have items that no one talks about. After giving birth, it can be difficult to keep everything clean down below. You still have a swollen abdomen and perhaps even incisions from a C-section or an episiotomy. A perineal bottle will be your best friend. You fill it with warm water and just shoot the water on your tender lady parts to clean and soothe the pain.

“Jenny From The Block” And The Most Expensive Push Present Yet

When Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins, Marc Anthony thought it was only fitting that she gets double the reward. For starters, he gave J-Lo a $300,000 custom canary-yellow diamond ring that was totally stunning and fitting for the celebrity.

Marc Anthony then topped all push presents that came before (and after, to date) with a pair of earrings worth $2.5 million. The earrings had the twins’ initials engraved on them to add sentiment to the amazing gift. Twice the babies, twice the diamonds? Hey, what works for Jenny from the Block works for us too.

Hollywood Isn’t The Only Home To Push Presents

While Hollywood sees most of the push present activity, other stars in other countries have it going for them, too. Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh gave birth to her first child in February of 2016. Oladunni Olakunle Churchill, Dikeh’s husband, celebrated his wife with two lavish pieces of jewelry. A Chopard watch and a necklace by Zadok Houston. The price? An outrageous N6 million, which converts to $29,000 USD.

Tori Spelling And The Antique Push Present

Instead of following the tradition of getting Tori something new and sparkly, Dean McDermott gifted wife Tori with an antique ring after she delivered baby Finn. Although a little late to the party, Dean still was able to pull through with a great present for Tori after a difficult pregnancy and scary delivery.

McDermott called Neil Lane, celebrity jeweler, who also designed the couple’s wedding rings and a sixth anniversary celebration ring, and he really came through. Dean was presented with many different options, but just any ring wouldn’t do for his lovely wife. He ended up choosing an antique ring that is almost 100-years-old.

The 1920s-era, cabochon-cut 10-carat jade stone is accented with a gold filigree design that has original Chinese hallmarks. It was a great choice for Tori who loves smooth round stones and the color green, with just enough fancy detail that’s fit for a celebrity.

Lil’ Kim And The Drivable Push Present

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Lil’ Kim made the list. She is known for being over-the-top as well and even registered at Tiffany & Co. for her new baby. The item? An $8,000 baby stroller. No word on whether or not the celebrity received the stroller or not, but most are betting she probably did.

Lil’ Kim’s baby shower had a royal theme and she was announced as the queen with two trumpeters sounding their horns to boot. It’s no surprise that the celebrity was wearing at least $500,000 in jewelry when her boyfriend, Mr. Papers, presented her with her push present as a token of his affection. A new car.

While there are no more details about the car itself, what more do you really need to know? While the car was probably a luxury vehicle with plenty of upgrades, at least the car is something that mama and baby both can use for years to come, if Lil’ Kim keeps it that long.

Kristin Cavallari And The Impractical Bag Push Present

We all love a good bag, so you can’t really fault Kristin Cavallari’s beau, Jay Cutler, for gifting her a present as stylish as she is: a gray Hermes Birkin bag. Birkin bags are large bags seen as a status symbol and can cost $50,000 or more – if you can get your hands on one. The wait lists for these bags can be as long as six years.

It’s no surprise that Kristin was very pleased with Jay for purchasing the bag and has been photographed with it often. It’s a great present, but doesn’t really fit with leaky bottles, dirty diapers, and babies that spit-up. Hopefully Kristin can keep her bag away from such dangers all while enjoying her life as a mom.

Jennifer Garner And The Lost Push Present

Even though the couple have since split, they are included on this list because of the cute “everyday” story that goes along with it. Ben Affleck gifted wife Jennifer with a beautiful diamond ring after she gave birth to their first daughter, Violet. The gift was elegant and gorgeous, just like Jennifer, so it made a good, although extravagant, push present.

The story behind it all? Jennifer loved the ring, but accidentally dropped it down the drain and had to hire a plumber to get it out. She never told Ben, but spilled the beans on live TV. This little story is a great reminder that celebrities are people just like us, they just receive very sparkly and expensive push presents.

Katie Holmes And The Locked Bracelet Push Present

When Katie Holmes gave birth to daughter Suri, Tom Cruise gave her a very sentimental gift. The Cartier Love Bracelet. If you aren’t familiar with this bracelet, it was designed in 1969 and meant to be given to your true love. It has two screws that must be opened and closed for the bracelet to be worn. The idea was that you give it to your lady and put it on her arm and she will wear it for eternity.

Tom bought Katie an 18-carat gold version of the bracelet in 2006 and she was photographed often wearing it when the two were still together. It was a very tasteful gift and a very nice token of his adoration, but it all leaves you wondering what will Katie do with the bracelet now?

Mila Kunis And The Push Present With A Twist

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been such a cute couple since their on-screen days on That 70’s Show, so many were excited when the couple announced they were expecting. Unlike other celebrities, you won’t find the couple going on about push presents, even though Mila did acknowledge that Ashton did give her a push present that she liked. Instead, Mila decided to do something different. She designed a beautiful motherhood ring with Marina B, a well-known Italian jeweler.

The ring is made of 18-karat gold and features an emerald from Zambia. The celebrity will be donating a proceed of the sales of the $4,800 ring to the country’s maternal health care. This is one push present that will keep on giving and benefiting many others. Well done, Mila.

Will Push Presents Make It Mainstream?

We can’t all live like celebrities and there are still very mixed opinions on push presents. Is the baby enough of a reward or do you expect a little something from your significant other as a thank you gift for the hard work and sacrifice? Would you rather have the money to spend on baby essentials such as furniture and gear, or would you appreciate something all to yourself?

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