WWE Rumors: WWE Planning Major Character Change For Sasha Banks Before Wrestlemania 33

Last year, the decision was made to bring Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks to WWE’s main roster before WWE Summerslam. Almost a year and a half later, their impact on WWE programming continues to revolutionize women’s wrestling. Charlotte could become the best women’s wrestler in WWE history. Becky Lynch is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion, and Sasha Banks is the top female face on WWE TV.

Charlotte was pushed immediately as the top draw in the women’s division by WWE officials. It took some time for Becky Lynch to find her place in WWE, but Sasha Banks became a top face for the division after her feud with Bayley in NXT created massive buzz, and the WWE Universe got behind her. Ever since then, The Boss has found great success in WWE, and she won the Raw Women’s Championship twice this year.

However, Banks will take a backseat heading into 2017. Despite the fact that she made history on multiple levels at WWE Hell in a Cell last month, she lost the match, the women’s title, and the feud to Charlotte. Unfortunately, there were some significant mistakes made during the match, and it’s been said that Sasha has taken the majority of the blame backstage for those mistakes from WWE officials and Vince McMahon.

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Based on the recent progression of WWE programming, Sasha Banks will be taken out of the Raw Women’s Championship title picture for awhile in order for Bayley to feud with Charlotte. By all appearances, it seems that Banks will be feuding with Nia Jax soon, which will be an interesting feud for both women heading into 2017. However, WWE may be looking to make some major character changes to The Boss’ character soon.

According to a new report, WWE officials are looking into the idea of turning Sasha Banks heel over the next few months. The belief is a heel turn would take place well before Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando next year. A possible heel turn could be good for her since she’s accomplished a great deal and made WWE history. The character change would freshen her up, but the WWE Universe may not be willing to accept the change.

Sasha is more than capable of pulling off the heel persona and character change, but the WWE Universe is high on Banks, so WWE officials would need to replace her position as the top face of the women’s division if the heel turn is going to work. Thankfully, WWE has Bayley waiting in the wings, which is a great thing.

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It’s been reported and rumored for a long time now that WWE is looking to book Bayley versus Sasha Banks for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando next year. That match would be huge considering their history in NXT, but Banks turning heel may be necessary to ensure Bayley is over the way WWE wants her to be on the grandest stage of them all. The belief is their bout at Wrestlemania would be a women’s championship match.

Before Wrestlemania 33 next year, WWE is planning to make Charlotte’s undefeated streak on WWE PPVs a major storyline, which will most likely be broken by Bayley. The belief is the title change will happen at the WWE Royal Rumble next year if the WWE Universe gets behind Bayley like they did in NXT. After that, the plan would be for Sasha Banks to turn heel and set the two of them up for the grandest stage of them all.

A little over a year ago, WWE put Bayley and Sasha Banks in a big match situation was at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and the two set the women’s revolution in WWE on fire. WWE officials are trying to see if they can make lightning strike twice. It’s a challenging goal, but Sasha Banks turning heel may be what is needed to pull off another historic bout at Wrestlemania and many months of great matches leading up to that match.

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