Husband’s Adulterous Affair Messing Up Your Marriage? Pay Up To $150,000 For Mistress-Hunting Firms To Break It Up

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Zhu’s company tries to help married women who know their wandering spouses have mistresses — and instead of divorcing the men, the wives seek out Zhu’s company services to do away with the mistress in question. That doesn’t mean the firm is like a hit man sent to kill the wayward woman. Instead, the firm uses their sleuthing services to find out who the mistress is and tries at first to confront the mistress.

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Zhu’s isn’t the only mistress-hunting company in the game.

There’s also Guangdong Marriage and Family Counselors Association, run by Liu Weimin.

What most of the companies that hunt down mistresses have in common is that they generally serve rich people who are willing to pay into the thousands to save their marriages and lifestyles by causing problems between a married man and his mistress. A cadre of attorneys, counselors, and even beauticians work together to spruce up the cheated-upon wives, provide psychology help as well as legal advice to try and rescue a marriage.

Those services don’t come cheap — costing anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000.

With many customers claiming that money isn’t an issue, the companies rely on attorneys to use methods to track down the mistresses — hopefully in ways that are legal. Wealthy clients are willing to pay the cost needed to break up the adulterous affair and get rid of a mistress, instead of experiencing a costly divorce.

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The methods used to try and break up the affair arrange from simple tactics to the more complex. At times, the wife and a counselor might confront the mistress directly. Or, the companies might send an attractive man to the mistress in order to start a fake relationship that would then break up the adulterous affair. That fake relationship is sometimes much more elaborate than sending a cute guy down the street to bump into the mistress for a “meet cute” type of romantic comedy scenario.

This means certain mistress-hunting firms, like Zhu’s, have rented out apartments for the fake suitor that are just down the hall from the mistress in order to lure her away from the married man. Meanwhile, the wives who want them get makeovers and learn how to behave in a more appealing manner.

With so much planning, plotting and extended, detailed services going into the breaking up of an affair, it’s no wonder some of the marriage-saving services are so costly. Certain tactics involve a form of blackmail of sorts, such as threats to put the affair “on blast” by exposing it via local media reports. However, tactics that only expose the mistress and not the cheating husband can be frowned upon, called unfair — and could potentially be dangerous for wives so angry that they attack the mistress with violence.

As reported by The Sun, one wife decided to write an open letter to her husband’s mistress, simply to express her hurt feelings — and not to expose the woman to danger by naming her.

Yahoo reports that a married woman finally realized her husband’s affair with his mistress when the woman picked up his phone and typed in his passcode — a passcode that the wife herself didn’t know.

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