‘Deus Ex GO’ Update Lets Players Create And Share Custom Levels

Deus Ex GO for Android and iOS has been updated this weekend with a new Puzzle Maker mode that gives players the ability to design and create their own levels. It marks the first time that custom levels can be created by the player community in Square Enix Montreal’s GO series of mobile games that also includes Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO.

In Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, players could only solve the puzzling levels crafted by the development team. Although multiple solutions add some replay value to many areas, enjoyment of the previous games comes to a halt once the player has burned through all the level content. What the Puzzle Maker update aims to do is give Deus Ex GO players the opportunity to continue enjoying the game as long as they like with a constant flow of community-sourced content.

The level designer uses a drag and drop interface that seems easy enough to use on a mobile device or tablet touchscreen. Players start with a randomly generated map skeleton that they can customize by changing pathways, traps, or enemies as desired. Once players create a level using the Puzzle Maker, they can send a challenge directly to their friends urging them to complete it as well as share the level with the global community.

To go along with the new community-based experience, players can now earn experience points (XP) as they complete community levels and the daily challenges. Earning XP allows players to level up, and upon leveling up in-game rewards are dished out. The publisher describes the new features as follows.

“Featuring the same elegant and streamlined design the GO series is known for, the Deus Ex GO Puzzle Maker provides new players with blueprints to help puzzle-making. Players who publish their in-game creations will receive in-game rewards over time and the best creators will be featured in the Daily Challenge mode where everyone will compete to solve the best community puzzles in the most efficient way, every day.”

“The Puzzle Maker provides a whole new way to appreciate the GO series from another perspective, as well as community generated content, curated by the players’ play data. The Square Enix Montréal team created an algorithm to make sure that players always receive suggestions for content of the highest quality.”

As of this writing, there are more than 600 puzzles that have been designed by Deus Ex GO players. However, the development team doesn’t just drop all of those puzzles into a massive pool for everyone to try and sort out. Instead, they have curated the user-generated content, putting the puzzles in a sequential order with a kind of difficulty progression that is similar to what is seen in the main chapters of the game.

In addition to the Puzzle Maker, the latest Deus Ex GO update includes a new “Undo” feature that can be used to retrace Adam Jensen’s steps and return to a previous point in the level. Undos are especially valuable for those who like tackling the Daily Challenge, as they are the only way to decrease the step counter in that particular game mode. Each step retraced costs one Undo, which is a new type of in-game premium item like Resets and Solutions. Undos are given to players as a reward for tasks like completing community puzzles, but they can also be purchased using real money in packs of 30 for $0.99, 175 for $4.99, or 400 for $9.99. Undos also come bundled in combo packs that include Solutions and Resets for those who are looking to get a little bit of help with everything.

[Featured Image by Square Enix Montreal]

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