Kim Kardashian Butt Reduction: Plastic Surgeon Addresses Rumors Amid Social Media Absence

Did Kim Kardashian get a butt reduction?

After Rob’s baby arrival two weeks ago, the sock tycoon took to his official Instagram page, where he would go on to post a set of Halloween photos from Kim’s house.

Kardashian dressed up as Jasmine for the event, and while this was one of the rare photos fans have seen of Kardashian since the Paris robbery incident, what really surprised loyal Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewers was Kim’s smaller behind.

People were quick to point out that Kim Kardashian’s butt looked nothing like it did prior to when she left for Paris, where she found herself being held at gunpoint and urged to give up all of her personal belongings, losing more than $8 million worth of expensive items.

According to Hollywood Life, while some assumed that Kim may have undergone a butt reduction procedure, a source reveals that the mother of two hasn’t had any work done on her body since the frightening ordeal in Paris.

The insider makes it known that it’s natural for fans to think that Kim has lost weight — particularly since she’s only made a handful of public outings in the presence of photographers.

It is also noted that when Kim Kardashian spent a week in Paris back in October, she was already at her desired weight goal. The stress and difficulty to sleep at night, however, drastically affected Kardashian to the point where she hasn’t been able to eat.

“Kim is in incredible shape right now. She lost even more weight than she was planning,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “She was at her goal already when the robbery happened, but the stress of it all made her lose even more weight, so she’s under 120 pounds now.”

“It wasn’t intentional, though — she could hardly eat for the first couple of weeks, she was so anxious all the time. And she’s been exercising a ton. It’s been one of the only things that help with her anxiety. She wasn’t doing it to lose weight — that just happened as a side effect.”

As the source already mentions, the reason why Kim Kardashian’s butt appears much smaller than how fans are used to seeing it is simply down to the supposed fact that she just hasn’t been eating as much as she used to.

“Obviously, she’s happy about it. She’s always battling her weight. This is the first time she’s ever lost weight without trying,” the insider concluded.

And with Kanye West’s hospitalization, the outlet gives off the impression that Kim Kardashian isn’t taking care of her body right now. She’s no longer working out as much as she used to, she’s unintentionally eating fewer calories, and now Kim is faced to raise two children by herself while making sure her husband makes a speedy recovery from the UCLA Medical Center.

As previously revealed, Kanye was rushed to a nearby hospital after throwing an outrageous tantrum at his staff members — things turned so bizarre that an onlooker called for an ambulance, fearing that the rapper might hurt himself.

Kim Kardashian has not addressed her husband’s current health status, but according to TMZ, Kanye isn’t doing great, which strongly correlates back to Hollywood Life’s report, claiming that Kim isn’t able to eat properly with all the stress she’s been under as of late.

But the question that stills remains: do you feel sorry for Kim Kardashian?

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