‘Arrow’ Spoilers For The CW’s Massive DC Superhero Crossover Event

Given the amount of publicity The CW has produced for its big, four-superhero-show crossover event, Arrow spoilers were almost inevitable. We’ve had specific trailers for all four shows involved, and general trailers for the main event, so it’s easy to draw conclusions about where things are going on Arrow in the next episode.

‘Arrow’ spoilers. Speedy returns to team ‘Arrow.’ [Image by The CW]

Crossover Arrow Spoilers

If The Flash represents the first act of The CW crossover this week, then Arrow represents the second act. It’s pretty clear from the various trailers we’ve seen that the first major conflicts with the alien race threatening humanity – known as the Dominators – will occur on Arrow.

In one scene, we see Green Arrow in what looks like a standard sci-fi “alien pod.” Following this, we see him and other members of this pseudo-Justice League on board the alien ship – apparently having just woken up from being in the aforementioned pods.

As pointed out by Inverse, the Dominators could be playing mind games. In the comic books series, the Dominators were well known for taking control of people’s minds. In the show, it could be that these pods are a method for controlling people’s minds or creating illusions in their minds – you know, like The Matrix.

If the purpose of placing Oliver and all of the others in these pods was to create illusions for them, some of the scenes from the trailers suggest these illusions are meant to provide them with an alternate version of their lives where everything turned out fine and they didn’t become superheroes.

For instance, in one of the trailers we see Oliver fighting with Diggle – who is apparently the Green Arrow. We also see the return of Deathstroke – one of the most popular villains of the entire Arrow run. Since he’s still imprisoned on Lian Yu, it’s probably not him. Instead, it’s most likely another illusion.

We also see Laurel Lance alive and well in a scene with her sister, Sara. Again, unless this is time travel or somebody’s been skinny dipping in the Lazarus Pit again, Sara is probably trapped in the alien matrix just like Oliver.

All of these illusions that the aliens create seem to have something to do with convincing superheroes not to be super anymore. Of course, that’s not likely to work out too well for the Dominators – unless The CW is planning to cancel all the shows.

Main Plot Arrow Spoilers

Even though Oliver’s sister, Thea, gave up the mantle of Speedy at the end of last season because of the qualms she was having about what they were doing and her tendency to kill people unnecessarily, she comes back in this episode to help out with the big invasion threat.

But it’s highly unlikely she’s going to go back to being timid little Thea again. Just as a few episodes ago they managed to bring Spartan/Diggle back onto the Arrow team, it’s pretty clear that the crossover is providing a great way to get Speedy back on board as well.

Also, even though it’s probably only happening as part of an illusion, the encounter Green Arrow is going to have with Deathstroke may help Oliver get over his own back-and-forth problems about the morality and effectiveness of what he’s been doing over the last five years.

While the crossover Arrow spoilers only really matter for this week’s The CW shows, the main plot spoilers concerning Arrow are actually fairly significant for the entire season – and perhaps for next season as well. They could help Arrow resolve some of the plot and pacing problems that it had last season, allowing it to move on to a post-Lian Yu Arrow without the increasingly annoying flashbacks.

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