Iggy Azalea Not Afraid To Talk About Her Plastic Surgery

Iggy Azalea has come under fire from all fronts over the past two years, from her accused appropriation of black culture through her music, to her plastic surgery.

But say this for the 26-year-old rapper, she isn’t afraid to be herself. Such was the case recently, as reported by Complex, where Azalea thanked none other than her plastic surgeon.

“Happy birthday @DrGhavami,” Azalea captioned the pic she posted to her Instagram account. “It might seem obvious I’d hold the man I owe my fabulous nose and breasts to in high regard. But vanity aside; Ash you’re hilarious as hell, talented, eclectic, a progressive thinker & someone who supports women in their choice to do what they want with their OWN bodies (tons of men don’t share that sentiment) So cheers to you! I’m proud to call you my friend.”

This isn’t the first time Iggy has been so open about the work done to her physical appearance either. As reported by E! Online, Azalea unabashedly told the media about her breast implants when she first got them.

“I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life,” she said, admitting she was sick of having to put padding in her stage costumes. Initially, Azalea swore not to reveal the work that was done, “but then, I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping.”

Most recently, after being named GQ Australia‘s “Woman Of The Year” as reported by AOL, Azalea showed off the work done by her surgeon in a sultry photo shoot. She then went on to make a rather odd, tongue-in-cheek acceptance speech later that night.

“Thank you so much. I didn’t realize everyone was going to have such hilarious speeches and I didn’t prepare anything this week. I just want to give a big thank you to GQ for this award. I’ve won a lot of awards over the last few years, but this one means the absolute most to me because I can finally say I have an award-winning vagina.”

Truth be told, it’s encouraging to see Iggy Azalea rise up against the shade thrown her way by her peers and to be so open about her own physical shortcomings. As mentioned earlier, Azalea came under fire from fellow rapper Azealia Banks and members of the rap community after Banks accused her, via Twitter, of appropriating black music and selling it to white female America. The accusation came following several Grammy nominations for the “Fancy” rapper.

Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip, Nicki Minaj, and R&B singer Erykah Badu all threw shade her way, as reported by the Mirror. Minaj took the opportunity to do so during the 2014 BET Awards, while Badu followed suit the very next year to slam Iggy, calling out her music as “definitely not rap.”

And Azalea has also been dealing with personal issues as well. Ex-fiance Nick Young cheated on her prior to her album Digital Distortion being finalized. The devastating news caused the album to be delayed and left Iggy scrambling for answers, as she revealed to People.

“I needed a lot of time. I mean, you wake up one morning and your fiance is having a baby with someone else, you’re going to need some time, right?”

Thankfully for her fans, Digital Distortion should find its way into the stores in January of 2017, though the source material for her lyrics, according to her, will not be about being in love as obviously her situation has changed.

But one thing has stayed consistent, Iggy Azalea is not afraid to be open about herself with her fans.

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