Taylor Swift Ends Selena Gomez Friendship, Abandons Singer Amid Justin Bieber Reconciliation Reports [Debunked]

Taylor Swift did not end her friendship with Selena Gomez, despite reports claiming otherwise.

The singer, who has been friends with Gomez since 2008, was alleged to have been livid when she found out about Selena’s recent conversation with Justin Bieber, OK! magazine falsely reports, as confirmed by Gossip Cop, who debunked the story. At the time, it was said that Justin was desperate to reconcile with Selena, and contacting her from her Tennessee rehab was his way of showing he still cared, a supposed source continued to add.

Despite Selena’s rep denying the story, insiders added by claiming that the twosome were definitely engaging in their conversation with one another, and by the end, it definitely seemed as if Selena and Justin were more than open to see one another again when Gomez successfully completes her time in rehab.

Sources for OK!, however, stress that Taylor Swift isn’t happy about the news concerning Selena’s relationship drama. Swift has never been fond of Justin, having often blamed Bieber as the reason why Gomez has had to check herself into several rehab facilities over the years.

Taylor became Selena’s backbone during the times it was claimed that Justin had cheated on the “Come & Get It” pop princess with multiple women. And while Swift would constantly tell her pal to move on and stay away from Bieber, she always went back.

This time, Taylor isn’t down to play those games again. The fact that Gomez is communicating with Justin Bieber, while she’s in rehab, has annoyed Swift beyond belief; it’s almost as if Selena wants to set herself up for failure when she completes her time in rehab, the source shared.

Taylor Swift is concerned about Selena’s well-being, wondering what the actual purpose of going to rehab was when she’s going to reconcile with Justin Bieber ahead of her release from the facility. It would’ve been a waste of time — Taylor’s, in particular.

OK! makes it known that Swift won’t stand for it. “Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been inseparable for years, but according to reports, the ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ singer is finally done playing it nice with the blonde pop star,” the source shared.

“Former flame Justin Bieber supposedly tried reaching out to Selena, who’s currently in a Tennessee rehab center being treated for depression. And it seems Taylor wasn’t too happy about it.”

Meanwhile, another insider added, “Taylor was livid and wrote a letter to Selena telling her their friendship is over. [Selena] went from sad to angry very fast.”

From Taylor Swift’s point of view, she’s livid over the supposed fact that her former best pal is communicating with someone who allegedly put her in rehab, to begin with. And now that she could potentially reconcile with him, Swift is refusing to accept that decision and would rather distance herself from the two of them.

Regarding Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship, right now, the duo is said to be nothing more than good friends. They’ve squashed their feud over the summer concerning Bieber’s short-lived romance with Sofia Richie.

It’s unclear when Justin and Selena plan on seeing each other, but it seems as if a reconciliation is definitely in the works — and Taylor Swift wants nothing to do with it.

This report isn’t too different from the one reported by Celebuzz back in June, which claimed Taylor and Selena had grown apart and were no longer on speaking terms with one another. Note that this supposed feud happened before Selena entered rehab.

What do you make of allegations concerning Taylor Swift’s friendship with Selena Gomez? Are you convinced that Swift would end a friendship over her pal’s supposed friendship with Justin Bieber?

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