‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 6: Live Stream, TV Time, And Possible Spoilers For ‘Breath’

On Sunday night, The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 will arrive for viewers via TV or live stream online feed. Viewers will be able to feast on more zombie mayhem with the latest installment titled “Swear.” After the season opened with a few characters bidding farewell to the show, could another be set to do the same on this latest episode? It appears at the very least two characters will show up who fans may have been wondering about. For information on how to watch the show tonight, it’s best to skip ahead as Walking Dead spoilers may be contained within this article.

For a quick recap, the fifth episode of the season, “Go Getters,” aired last weekend. According to The New York Times, as the season has moved forward, different communities have been explored and last Sunday’s show helped to reintroduce the Hilltop community. At this particular area, there’s plenty of food, a large tractor, and a man named Gregory who is in charge. As of the episode, it was learned by viewers that Maggie and her baby are doing just fine. Remember, there had been many theories ahead of this season that Maggie might be the one who met Negan’s bat Lucille but she trudges on.

Maggie became fed up with Gregory at the Hilltop in the previous episode. [Image by AMC Networks]

In fact, during Episode 5, Maggie played a special part in the Hilltop visit as she eventually became fed up with Gregory’s ways and socked him in the face. There was also a scene during which she and Sasha visited the graves of Abraham and Glenn. The episode concluded with Maggie and Sasha reunited with Enid, while Jesus and Carl have headed off in search of Negan hidden in the back of a truck.

So right now, various members of the gang are all in different locations. Remember that Daryl is being held captive with the Saviors, Morgan and Carol are in the Kingdom, and the rest are mostly back at Alexandria. With that said, there are a few people who will return for tonight’s episode after a hiatus.

The official synopsis ahead of tonight’s The Walking Dead Episode 6 gives a brief bit of detail about what’s to come.

“A familiar face stumbles upon a brand new society. Their rules, location and setup are unlike anything that has been seen before.”

According to a Romper article, one couple that has been missing in action for quite a bit from the show is Heath and Tara. The two characters previously embarked on a supply run and really don’t have an inkling as to what’s gone down since they left. Two major characters met their demise at the hands of Negan and his bat in the premiere episode of this latest season. So Heath and Tara have no clue that Glenn and Abraham are no longer a part of the crew. That may be explored in the newest episode, and there are even some recent rumors that Heath will make an exit from the show.

On Episode 6, a familiar couple will make their return to the show. [Image by AMC Networks]

It should be noted that the comic book series for The Walking Dead by Image doesn’t provide clues for what lies ahead with these two characters. Basically, Heath has a much larger role in the comic book world while there isn’t a corresponding character for Tara. In the comic books, Heath is still alive past the recent show scenes that match up, but as mentioned, he’s more of an integral character in the illustrated world. Could that mean a grisly fate for Heath is coming on the television series? Other names that have popped up as a possible character to meet their demise tonight are Olivia or Spencer, so be ready!

Sunday’s The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 is scheduled to show at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. The show is officially shown live on AMC at that time. To watch it live streaming online, cable and satellite customers who have AMC can go to the official website or any compatible AMC apps for their devices. A free option exists for anyone who is a new signup for the Sling TV service, as it offers a one-week free trial which includes AMC among its channel packages. More details are available at Sling TV’s official website.

There have been mixed reviews so far of this latest season of The Walking Dead. If you’re a longtime fan of the show and/or comic book series, how do you feel this season has been so far? Also, which character do you think will bite the dust next: Heath, Spencer, or Olivia?

[Featured Image by AMC Networks]

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