Kardashian Baby Used ‘As A Prop’: Rob Rakes In Extra Cash Using Daughter To Promote Sock Line

Rob Kardashian raked in some extra cash by using his new daughter Dream Kardashian in a video he posted that has some fans completely outraged. It’s been a pretty rough year for Rob Kardashian.

Rob’s turbulent relationship with his fiancée Blac Chyna continued right up until the birth of their new baby Dream Kardashian. Now, according to Radar Online, Rob is playing the Kardashian card and trying to cash in on his daughter.

The video that has people talking is of Dream Kardashian in tiny red socks that say “Santa” on one foot, and “Baby” on the other. The socks are one of the latest items added to Rob Kardashian’s sock line.

Rob Kardashian did not get the response he was probably looking for from fans.

“Baby just a product now … grandma will pimp her out … one weird a** family.”

Many people were outraged that the newborn was barely a month old and she was already being used to promote Kardashian products.

“I’m angry that he’s using his baby as a prop to sell s**t.”

Multiple fans called Rob Kardashian out for using his new baby as a “prop.”

“Look at the caption and also look at his last few photos … their advertising the socks and he’s using his 2 week old baby as a prop.”

Rob Kardashian is already promoting the socks on his company website, Arthur George, which he claims are almost sold out.

The Christmas socks are available in baby, toddler, and adult sizes. Kardashian is also promoting Black Friday discounts and advertising them on his Instagram account.


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Blac Chyna is apparently on board with making money off of the newest Kardashian baby as well.

The former stripper is allegedly raking in millions for filming Dream Kardashian’s birth for a special episode of their Keeping Up With The Kardashians spin-off, Rob & Chyna, according to Radar Online.

“Chyna got a huge $1 million bonus.”

“The baby special is an extra episode for Rob & Chyna and she got another payday out of that.”

The Rob & Chyna special is set to air on December 18 on E!.

“They didn’t want the show to get lost over the holidays.”

Dream Kardashian already has her own verified Instagram account, created by her parents just days after her birth. The newest Kardashian baby joined the family’s social media stardom with almost 700k followers.

Just a day after Kardashian and Chyna welcomed their daughter, Rob came under fire for some “Thug Life” baby socks he promoted on his sock line website.

Fans did not seem too happy with Rob’s design for children’s wear.

“And why would anyone dress their child in a pair of socks that says something like that??? I mean why would you want to teach your child it’s ok to be a thug? Seriously what is wrong with you?!”

However, people must be buying Rob Kardashian’s socks, because he claims that they are almost sold out.

“This is disgusting. You don’t know what struggle is, and you are appropriating a culture you will never be a part of.

“You should quit with this anti-black sentiment, things aren’t looking good for you since you called that man the N-word.”

Rob’s loyal fans stood up for the reality star against the Instagram comments.

“Y’all crazyyyyyyyy. Stay hating.

“Rob doesn’t give a F**K bout what y’all say. He’s successful.

Y’all mad that he’s out here making 10x more money then all y’all. They cute rob ??.”

Dream Kardashian is only a few weeks old, and Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have already made millions. Will the parents continue to use their child for a payday?

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