Nate Berkus’s Latest Home Décor Tips, Denies Claims That He And His Husband Are House Flippers

Nate Berkus has just revealed the perfect throw pillow formula, according to People magazine. The 45-year-old interior designer has given a few valuable interior design tips that everyone can apply to their homes.

During a fun game called Interior Design: Would You Rather with People magazine, Nate Berkus has offered the ultimate throw pillow formula. The interior designer, who with his husband Jeremiah Brent last year welcomed daughter Poppy, born via surrogate, says there should be “many pillows” on the bed.

“Four pillows that you sleep on… and then I would do three to five pillows decorative on top. And everyone flings them on the floor, so it’s fine.”

Nate Berkus is also not a fan of granite. Explaining that he is “tired of granite,” the interior designer believes that pillows on the bed should be fluffed up. And there also should be marble countertops; that’s a must-have!

When asked if he would rather take a bath or a shower, Nate Berkus hesitated: perhaps understandably, since both a tub and a shower are equally popular bathroom decor choices. The interior designer says that while his daughter Poppy enjoys soaking in a bathtub, he says he would rather choose a hot shower.

“I love a bath tub, our daughter loves a bath tub, but I love a big shower, too.”

In another People magazine article, Nate Berkus laughingly recalled the time that his daughter Poppy broke a glass table just before he and his husband were due to leave for a formal do. A photo posted on Berkus’s husband’s Instagram account shows the former Oprah Winfrey Show regular vacuuming the carpet in a tuxedo.

In September, it became apparent that Nate Berkus and his husband Brent were selling their huge and expensive Los Angeles property, according to People magazine. And nobody really paid attention to it at first, until people realized that the couple has been moving from one home to another five times in the past 18 months!

With many already calling Nate Berkus and his husband Hollywood’s newest house flippers, the interior designer couple revealed that they never actually moved into the Hollywood house. In his interview with People magazine, Berkus explained that the Spanish-style house was a “cure” for the couple’s renovation addiction.

Although Nate Berkus admits that they did renovate the house a little bit, he insisted that he and his husband Brent are not getting into the flipping business.

“We’re not getting into the flipping business per se, because we spend a lot of time and effort on any home that we touch.”

Instead of buying a house to live in and make renovations in the process, Nate Berkus and Brent decided to purchase a house that would serve as a separate project and wouldn’t “disrupt” their daily lives.

Nate Berkus admits that it actually helped them “cure” their renovation addiction. What they did with the beautiful 1920s Hollywood house is truly mesmerizing. The interior designer explained that although the house features all of the original architectural details, it doesn’t seem “overwhelming.”

“And it’s a white, bright, happy house that we could picture a family living in.”

Although Nate Berkus and his husband sure love to fully modernize and renovate homes, it wasn’t the case with this one. The couple chose to retain the integrity of the house’s history.

“In the house that we worked on, there’s an incredible Art Deco bathroom. It’s yellow and black but the tile is all hand glazed.”

Even though Nate Berkus admits that he is not a fan of black-and-yellow bathrooms, they didn’t renovate it to meet the requests of every potential buyer. The interior designer explained that they didn’t have intentions to come in “with a bulldozer” just because they didn’t like the colors of the bathroom.

“Sometimes you have to update areas and not everything just because it’s old. Old can be beautiful.”

Nate Berkus runs the Chicago interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates.

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