Barron Trump Autism Speculations By Rosie O’Donnell Continue As President-Elect Remains Silent

Barron Trump autism speculations made by Rosie O’Donnell last week continue as president-elect Donald Trump remains silent. A tweet that the comedienne posted on November 21 has been ignored by the Trumps as she riles up anger among her followers for fueling rumors that the 10-year-old son of Donald and Melania Trump might be autistic.

O’Donnell asked the question last Monday after viewing a YouTube video called “Is Barron Trump Autistic? #StopTheBullying.” She attached a link to the footage for people to watch for themselves, which featured clips of Barron clapping his hands, fidgeting in his seat, walking, and standing on stage during the Republican National Convention in July. The scenes were replayed in slow motion to emphasize points the video maker was making about the signs characteristic of autism.

It’s never been revealed that Barron Trump has autism, but suspicions around this aren’t new. A multitude of reports have asked the same question.

Rosie O’Donnell kicked off a firestorm of fury going after Donald Trump’s son with her autism speculations. She insists that she adores Barron Trump and finds him “angelic,” but “IF” he’s on the spectrum, would be a boost to autism awareness. Donald and Melania Trump have ignored all the speculations and remain silent despite the fact that the president-elect’s most notable nemesis long before the presidential campaign is talking about his son.

In a lengthy letter posted on her website, O’Donnell drew parallels between her own daughter who has autism and the nation’s new first son. She wrote that Dakota, 3, was diagnosed with high-functioning autism (HFA) in September and has “immersed” herself with educating herself on the diagnosis. O’Donnell touches on the struggles parents face with the children who are on the spectrum by stating, “we try to grab onto anything to keep us standing,” and having the “knowledge” that no one is alone, and that others are “living this” as well.

Rosie O’Donnell went on to write that when she watched the Barron Trump video about autism symptoms exhibited by children with ASD, she found it “educational and informational.” She clarified that “IF it is true” that Barron is autistic, “it would help so much with the autism epidemic.”

O’Donnell underscored the fact that she and Donald Trump agree on one major thing — that autism diagnosed in “1 in 55 kids is an epidemic.”

The former co-host of the View inserted that she has “no ill will” toward any of Trump’s children.

Not missing her chance, O’Donnell threw a few zingers at her old foe in the letter, writing that Donald Trump is a “clear and present danger” and that he’s “a madman who thinks OUR country is his.”

The president-elect has voiced his opposition to young children receiving large doses of immunizations in one office visit at the doctor, stating that the vaccinations looked more like something a horse would be administered instead of a child. He admitted to actually witnessing the shots being administered and knows people who have experienced their children suffering high fevers after vaccinations then be diagnosed with autism later on. He didn’t specify whether any of the children included his own son, but he passionately shared his views during a presidential debate in September, 2015.

Will Barron Trump’s parents respond to speculations that he has autism? While Trump is deluged with preparations of becoming the nation’s next president, he usually takes a moment or two to tweet a response to something he finds reprehensible. In the case of Rosie O’Donnell, he hasn’t engaged in her tweet about Barron that was posted nearly seven days ago.

Barron Trump has made only a few public appearances, and that’s when it’s extremely late — long after his bedtime. The 10-year-old’s movements are being judged while he’s in the spotlight trying to stay awake, enduring his father’s long speeches that someone his age is hardly interested in listening to.

It’s unknown if Barron Trump has autism, but many are believe there’s something to that, while many others are outraged that people are weighing in on the matter.

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