Miranda Lambert Refusing To Talk About Blake Shelton While Promoting Her New Album

Miranda Lambert is drawing the line when it comes to Blake Shelton. The country star’s first album since the divorce dropped last week, and she refuses to talk about the split during the promotional tour. Why is Lambert avoiding discussions about her breakup with Shelton?

An inside source told Hollywood Life that Lambert simply wants to avoid awkward moments and move on with her life. Given how their divorce played out – and Shelton’s heated romance with Gwen Stefani – Lambert’s request is certainly understandable.

“She’s definitely refraining from it and is asking anyone that does interview her to provide questions beforehand to make sure she is not put in an awkward predicament,” the source explained. “She wants to move on with her career, her relationship and she doesn’t want to harp on a bad moment in her life.”

At the same time, Lambert is thinking about Shelton’s well-being and is afraid of a comment spiraling out of control. She doesn’t want to say something about the divorce that would require an answer from the country crooner and prolong the discussion even longer.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton [Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

“She doesn’t want it to be a constant conversation because if she brings it up, then Blake will have to retort and it will never end,” the insider added. “She wants to be over with it. It hurts thinking about it because what she had with Blake was amazing, and the fact that it ended the way it did is sad.”

It still isn’t known what ultimately caused Shelton and Lambert’s divorce. Still, the insider noted that the divorce is “a part of her past that wasn’t good so in her mind [she] doesn’t want to always return to it and think about it.”

According to Fox News, Lambert is refusing to partake in any interview to promote her newest work. She apparently wants to allow her album to speak for itself and only wants to promote via performance on television.

“She was offered Rolling Stone, a New York Times piece… She went to her publicist and said, ‘I don’t want to do any of it. I want the music to speak for me,'” a source revealed to the outlet. “She only wanted to do TV performances. She made them turn all of it down. She said, ‘Gwen’s and Blake’s albums didn’t sell, and all they did was do press.’ She’s trying to go Beyoncé and let the music do the talking.”

According to International Business Times, Lambert’s new album, The Weight of These Wings, was released on November 18. The album is her sixth studio recording and includes several tracks about her breakup with Shelton and romance with Anderson East.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert [Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

Miranda Lambert and East starting dating earlier this year and their relationship is stronger than ever. In fact, East even helped write a few songs on the album and sang on the track, “Pushin’ Time.”

“Couldn’t be more proud of this woman. True artist, true voice, true heart,” he said after the album released.

“There are 24 songs on the record, and it’s all very intentional… what she put on there,” the insider explained. “‘Pushin’ Time’ is about how she met Anderson. It’s really all laid out there. It’s similar to what Beyoncé did with ‘Lemonade.’ ‘Is this about Jay Z? Did she really do this?’ It’s really similar with all that’s been happening in the public eye. There’s that kind of fun game you do with Carly Simon… ‘Who’s this about?’ She’s writing about her life, and by not doing the interviews, she doesn’t have to explain anything, including the Blake situation.”

With her relationship with East going so good, it sounds like the pair is already planning their future together.

“She wants to get married again and have children soon,” a source stated. “That has been an open conversation between her and Anderson. He wants the same. Miranda is very happy with Anderson. They have gotten very close.”

For his part, CMT reports that Shelton is gearing up for his new tour, “Doing It To Country Songs” and is reportedly finalizing wedding plans with Gwen Stefani. The Voice coach announced the official tour dates this week and will be touring alongside fellow country star RaeLynn.

“Performing for an audience is what I love most – and if you’re coming to see me, you’re coming to hear country music, because that’s what I do,” Shelton told fans.

Shelton’s tour is named after a song on his latest album, If I’m Honest. The tour kicks off with a show in Bakersfield, California, on Feb. 16. Most of the venues on the tour are on the West Coast with the exception of stops in Evansville, Indiana, Chicago, and Nebraska in March.

RaeLynn is part of CMT’s Next Women of Country and is coming off the release of her new track, “Love Triangle.” RaeLynn is scheduled to drop a new album, WildHorse, next month.

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