Hatchimal ‘Not Worth The Money?’ Mother Of 7-Year-Old Goes Viral With Negative Review Of Popular Hatching Toy

The Hatchimal is recognized as one of the most in-demand toys in the world right now. A vast number of parents have searched high and low for a deal on Hatchimals to buy for their children. One mother in particular, though, was apparently not very impressed with the one she bought for her own child.

Kirsty Myerscough, a beauty therapist in the United Kingdom, went viral on Facebook earlier this month thanks to a review she posted online about her daughter’s Hatchimal toy. Myerscough posted her somewhat negative review on the popular hatching toy via Facebook on November 18. Chances are she did not expect for it to generate as much buzz on the internet as it has in the weeks that have passed since it was first posted.

Seeing the adorable picture of the already-hatched Hatchimal toy that she posted on Facebook may convince you even more to go ahead and buy one for yourself and your family. That is, of course, until you take a minute or two to read through the now-viral review published as the photo’s caption.

“Thought I would write a review as all I’m seeing is parents desperate to get their hands on one… This one is 1 week old and has been played with for a few hour [sic]!”

Based on the review, the chaos of this particular Hatchimal toy began during the most anticipated stage of its “life” – the hatching stage.

“The best bit was it hatching and then we had to break it out as it wasn’t working! It grew up from a baby to fully grown in a few hours. It doesn’t talk. It just records the child’s voice and plays it back, has a few games that are boring and once played they don’t want to play again.”

Myerscough continued by adding details about the Hatchimal’s feeding process and overall behavior. For instance, you apparently have to tilt the toy forward in order for it to eat. Like a normal pet, the Hatchimal is also designed for you to stroke it whenever it gets cold or pat its head whenever it is frightened.

An instructional video on YouTube, which has generated over 1.3 million views on YouTube in less than 2 months, walks consumers through the different stages of “life” for the Hatchimal. The video covers a variety of different topics – from the best way to unbox the popular toy to interacting with it after it hatches.

This mother of a 7-year-old girl stated that the hatching process starts as soon as you remove the Hatchimal from its box and takes between 20-60 minutes to complete the full process. Again, she made it clear that the hatching process was not necessarily something that the toy accomplished without their assistance.

“Make sure your children are ready to sit with it and help it hatch. Overall, not worth the money.”

Kirsty concluded her Hatchimal review with a disclaimer of sorts letting readers known that the review was based on her 7-year-old daughter’s point-of-view and not her own.

As of the time this article was published, Kirsty’s Hatchimal review had generated over 13,000 likes, more than 70,900 shares and over 41,000 comments on Facebook. A vast number of the posted comments consisted of Facebook users tagging and mentioning their own Facebook friends, spreading the now-viral Hatchimal review even farther.

Even with the rising popularity of this viral review, there are still a lot of people around the world anxiously trying to get their hands ona Hatchimal toy as soon as possible.

The animatronic Hatchimal toy, which is created and distributed by Spin Master Corp, has apparently reached the rare level of popularity that toy manufacturers dream of reaching with their own products. Like a comet or shooting star in the sky, this type of popularity is not reached very often – which makes it even more special when it actually happens.

Think about such toys of the past such as the Tickle Me Elmo doll or Zhu Zhu Pets.

According to Bloomberg, Spin Master Corp is not new to manufacturing high-selling, blockbuster and somewhat iconic toys – especially with such products as Etch-a-Sketch and Build-A-Bear Workshop in their collection. However, even the company’s executives have to acknowledge that the Hatchimal is very different with its current wave of notoriety and demand.

Spin Master CEO Ronnen Harary stated earlier this month that “consumer demand has far exceeded ours and retailer expectations.” He further commented that “for a time in October, Hatchimals was the biggest-selling toy at Amazon and Walmart in any category.”

In addition to drawing attention toward her post and brutal honesty about her personal experience, Kirsty’s Hatchimal review may actually cause more parents to join the race in hunting for and tracking down a Hatchimal for their own children.

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