Bella Hadid Provides The Thanksgiving Post-Workout Cure

Bella Hadid will help you get back to the gym after Thanksgiving. The 20-year-old model shared an inspiring photo for those who want to achieve their bikini body before the New Year.

The latest Victoria’s Secret model gave fans a sneak peek at her body on Saturday, Nov. 26, according to Hollywood Life. Hadid took to Instagram to share a mirror selfie of herself wearing a black push-up bra and matching g-string thong. Hadid was also seen cracking a smile as she attempted a duck face and looked at her reflection through her phone.

Bella was already seen hard at work after Thanksgiving. She even had an early morning post-Thanksgiving workout at Gotham Gym in New York. In a new clip posted to Instagram, Bella is seen performing an intense session of cardio, mixed with boxing, according to Vogue. The brunette beauty is also seen wearing a white and black sports bra with black Nike leggings. Her long straight hair is seen pulled up into a high bun.

Hadid didn’t pig out on Thanksgiving. Instead, she decided to embrace a new hair color, according to Teen Vogue. Hadid took to both Instagram and Snapchat to show off the new blonde bob wig she was seen wearing while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Over on Snapchat, she shared several clips of herself blowing kisses to the camera and laughing.

Bella Hadid has to get in shape for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is scheduled for later this month in Paris. It’s the first time that Bella will be walking in the annual fashion show. Because of her age and genetics, it’s easy for someone like Bella to stay in shape for the show. Bella was also an equestrian rider in the past, which explains her athletic physique.

So, how does she stay in shape? Hadid does a lot of cardio and boxing to keep her figure slim. She also likes to run on the treadmill or outdoors, do Pilates and yoga, and walk around New York City. Hadid has told various publications that she hates working out with a personal trainer because it makes her feel self-conscious at times. Hadid would rather take the time out of her busy schedule to work out.

On a typical day, Bella is seen heading to a boxing class early in the morning in New York City. In her latest Instagram post, she admitted that she worked out for two hours at the Gotham Gym. She also does 15 minutes of cardio every day, but she wants to make good use of those 15 minutes by pushing herself during her workout.

According to Foods 4 Better Health, Hadid does not have any diet tips or secrets. She doesn’t like the word “diet,” and doesn’t like to starve herself. She has even admitted in interviews that she still likes to eat grilled cheese, pizza, French fries, and burgers. Although most of these foods are unhealthy, she admits that she can enjoy these foods due to her age.

Bella has reportedly admitted that she is actually not a naturally-thin woman and does realize that eating fattening foods can lead to weight gain. To balance out her diet, Bella will drink green juices one per week, and will mostly have meals that include plenty of vegetables. She has to stay away from most foods, like dairy and wheat.

The model has previously expressed in an interview with People that she has lost too much weight over time due to sticking to her diet and working out.

“I have lost and gained weight. My weight fluctuates so much. I didn’t mean to [lose weight]. Like I want boobs. I want my a** back. But it’s not my fault.”

Watch Bella Hadid and the rest of the Victoria’s Secret Angels on Dec. 5 on CBS.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Dior Beauty]

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