Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Offer Paparazzi ‘A Better Option For Viewing’

Many celebrities get angry over the intrusions committed by paparazzi in attempts to get those personal, private shots, but, while some only complain and get nowhere, Catherine Zeta-Jones decided to take a more aggressive stance. A recent vacation with husband Michael Douglas was spoiled by the intrusion of a paparazzi snapping pictures of Catherine, while she was in a bikini and spending the day at the beach with Douglas. While both Zeta-Jones and Michael were annoyed by the intrusion into their privacy, the couple ultimately decided to fire back in the media instead of wasting their breath on the photographer in person.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Enlists Michael Douglas’ Help In Waging War Against Their Paparazzi Intruder

E! News reports that the incident occurred during a recent romantic getaway, when Michael Douglas took his wife to a secluded beach for a little rest and relaxation. While Catherine may have thought she could slip into a bikini and work on her tan in peace with her husband just a few feet away, one particularly annoying paparazzi proved her wrong almost immediately. The photographer managed to sneak up on the couple, getting close enough to capture an image of Zeta-Jones’ bikini-laden bottom.

Both Catherine and Michael were understandably furious over the picture, but, instead of letting it eat away at them, the pair decided to do something about it. Getting Douglas to snap a few pictures, Ms. Zeta-Jones posed for front and back images of herself in the same black bikini and shared the images with her Instagram followers.

“P—ed the paparazzi photographed my a–, thus sharing the photographs my husband took of my a–. Always a better option for viewing,” Catherine Zeta-Jones captioned the image.

A later image shared by Zeta-Jones proves that her anger was short-lived, as she shared a black and white picture of herself for Selfie Saturday and merely captioned that image with the word “happy.”

Basic Instinct Star Michael Douglas Shares How He Almost Lost His Chance With Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Hamilton Spectator shares 72-year-old Michael Douglas’ confession that he freaked Catherine Zeta-Jones out with one of their first chats and feared he had permanently scared her away. While the couple have three children together now, daughter Carys, 13, and a son, Dylan, 16, Michael says he told Catherine early on that he was going to be the father of her children. Ms. Zeta-Jones was put off by that assertion.

How did Catherine respond? Very coldly, confesses Michael. She informed him that she was well-informed as to Douglas’ past and his reputation, before walking off and leaving him alone to believe he had blown his chance.

“So I thought ‘I’ve totally blew it.’ She was gone early the next morning and she went to [Scotland],” says Mr. Douglas. “I thought ‘It’s all gone I’ve just destroyed it.'”

Michael proved he wasn’t one to be discouraged so easily. The very next day, he sent Catherine a bouquet of red roses and an apology note, which seemed to do the trick. The pair reconnected shortly afterward and have been inseparable ever since.

It’s been said that Michael Douglas looks and acts young for his 72 years, and when asked how he remains so youthful, the veteran actor says the answer is simple. He says staying in love with your wife and your work is the secret to remaining young at heart.

While he may seem young for his age, Douglas does say that he feels old when it comes to social media and keeping up with new technology. For that, he relies on his 47-year-old wife.

“I’m a dinosaur,” said Douglas. “Thank God for Catherine — one of the huge benefits of having a young, beautiful wife is that she’s also very aware of social media and how you get from here to here.”

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