‘Passengers’ Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Are Decompressed In ‘Lock Down’ Trailer [Video]

Hoping to build up more anticipation surrounding the impending release next month, Columbia Pictures has dropped another Passengers teaser, but unlike the most recent tease, this glimpse features more than Jennifer Lawrence in a one piece bathing suit. Adding to the suspense seen in that previous tease, this new glimpse features Chris Pratt along with Lawrence and neither one of them is taking it easy. In fact, the two Passengers characters come face to face with imminent death in this new teaser, as Pratt and Lawrence experience just what it might be like to be sucked out into the vacuum of space.

A New Passengers Teaser Forces Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt To Go Down With Their Ship

The Hollywood Reporter shares this latest teaser from Passengers, which has Jennifer Lawrence, as Aurora Lane, telling Chris Pratt’s James Preston that the two of them are “stranded on a sinking ship,” but that’s just the least of their troubles. As has been revealed with earlier teasers, Passengers revolves around the characters played by Jennifer and Chris waking up 90 years too early, during a deep space journey. Now, as Lawrence forces Pratt to come to terms with their situation, things go from bad to worse.

While the newest trailer is brief, it does give a much better feel for what Passengers is about, as both Lawrence and Pratt allude to the fact that what is happening isn’t a mere accident and that their early awakening is part of a larger conspiracy. While previous Passengers teasers have presented a film about a malfunctioning ship, this new trailer indicates that things may be much more involved than that with Jennifer and Chris at the center of an insidious plot.

In another newly released Passengers teaser, Aurora Lane and James Preston have no time for conspiracies, as their fight for survival takes precedence.

When Pratt’s character opens a bay door, both Passengers characters find themselves confronted with the dangers of a depressurized bay, as they’re swept off their feet and towards open space. Aurora and James manage to grab hold of permanent fixtures, but the teaser ends before we learn if Pratt’s character can close the doors and pressurize the bay in time.

Passengers Director Says Working With Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Was An Emotional Roller Coaster

Passengers director Morten Tyldum told Deadline that he had to recognize early on that the film was an intimate story between the two main characters, and as such, there was a balancing act in directing Pratt and Lawrence, who are each iconic in their own ways. He adds that because Passengers is “a character-driven film, they have to go through extreme choices. It’s really a roller coaster emotionally.”

Throughout the development phase of Passengers, there were a number of names connected to the film, including Reese Witherspoon, Rachel McAdams, and Keanu Reeves, but the studio ended up going with Lawrence and Pratt. Even though Jennifer and Chris hadn’t met before coming to the film, Tyldum says he predicted good chemistry between the two stars, and as it turned out, he was right. The Passengers director says he was awed by the way Lawrence and Pratt could allow themselves to partially fall in love with each other.

“I met them individually, and you have this gut feeling that they will allow themselves to connect and fall in love with each other at some level. The whole diva factor wasn’t there at all.”

That ability to expose themselves to one another on an emotional level served Pratt and Lawrence well, because, as the Passengers director shares, Aurora Lane and James Preston bond on a romantic level as they search for answers.

Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, and Michael Sheen, opens on December 21 in theaters.

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