It’s A ‘Gangnam Style’ Halloween (Video)

There is a house in Leesburg, Virginia that has gone viral with their “Gangnam Style” halloween decorations.

According to the Huffington Post, Brandon Bullis, the genius creator of this extravagant show, has spent the last year planning and putting together the big Halloween “Gangnam Style” show.

Bullis’ spectacular creation owned by YouTube user Edwards Landing Lights is studded in 8,500 bulbs that has been synced to the popular song “Gangnam Style.”

Now, there are a couple of specific rules that must be followed in order to go see Edward Landing Light’s spectacular show. This is a list of certain rules that must be followed:

“You must be respectful to other viewers by not “blocking the sight lines,” not setting foot on the Edwards Landing lawn “for any reason,” and finally “have fun.”

The Edwards Landing Lights’ facebook’s top status as of publication shows how serious they are by reading:

“If you come to the show you MUST abide by the following courtesies or the show WILL be shut down.”

There has been talk of a dress rehearsal, a 13-song show, and there is talk of one exception to the rules: if you’re doing an impromptu horse dance, that will be just fine.

Bullis talked to TODAY about the “Gangnam Style” display and his neighbors support by saying”

“I have great neighbors,” Bullis told the TODAY’s Take 3 anchors Wednesday.

Bullis also added that he spends more on candy than he does on his entire electric bill.

Here is Edward Landing Lights “Gangnam Style” display in it’s entirety … enjoy!

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