Rick Steiner Talks His Brother Scott’s Problems With Hulk Hogan And An Awesome Bar Brawl With Haku, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect

Rick Steiner is one of toughest guys to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring, and his brother Scott Steiner is another one. They’ve both been in the business for a long time and have been around some other guys who know how to be a bit hard-nosed. Rick recently discussed a number of topics including his brother’s issues with the immortal Hulk Hogan and a bar fight he was in one time that involved Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, and Haku.

Ever since 1983, Rick Steiner has patrolled the ring, barked at his opponents, and beaten up a lot of guys. He hasn’t wrestled on a regular basis since being let go by TNA in 2009, but he does still perform on the independent scene. Rick even wrestled with his brother Scott as the Steiner Brothers at the House of Hardcore 2 event in June.

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Recently, Rick spoke with The Hannibal TV and talked about a number of different topics including his brother’s issues with Hulk Hogan. It is no surprise that Hogan and Scott Steiner hate one another, and Rick says it got out of hand on Twitter but his brother never liked Hogan anyway.

“There were some things being said and my brother brought up some stuff that was pretty personal, that was true that they didn’t want to come out. I wasn’t there but they said he said something to Hogan’s new wife or new girlfriend or something, I wasn’t there I didn’t see any of it. I know the legality issues of it, there were a couple of lawyers hired, there was some stuff taken out, but my brother ain’t backing down from nobody.”

Rick also said that Scott went off on TNA Impact Wrestling on Twitter about their financial problems and numerous other things. When all was said and done, all of those things ended up being true even if people don’t care for how Scott expresses himself.

On a less serious and more amusing note, Rick Steiner then decided to share a story about a bar fight he was in many years ago. It involved a few wrestlers that have been known to be heavy hitters inside and outside of the ring, but guys of which you never wanted to be on their bad side.

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As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Steiner mentioned the fight from long ago and said he was sitting in a bar with Curt Hennig (Mr. Perfect), Rick Rude, and Haku/Meng. Pretty much, you wouldn’t want to mess with Haku and Rick Steiner or Rick Rude and Hennig when they were alive.

“Back in the day I could give you a handful. You got Haku — I’ve been in LA and some of those cities, I’ve been in St. Louis, and that thing he does it really works,” Steiner said. “We were sitting in a bar, me and Curt Hennig, St. Louis and these marines come in and they were drinking and by the end of the night one of them comes over and says ‘What are you guys hanging out with –‘ [Haku]. He thought he was black. I said ‘He ain’t black and if I was you I wouldn’t.’ He said ‘Well we’re marines and we’ll do whatever the hell we want.’ And I said ‘Not tonight, it’s gonna be a bad night if you guys do something to him.’

“It just kept going worst downhill, downhill, and finally a couple went over and started messing with Haku and it was freaking kick, kick, and up in the throat. Then four or five of them were laying and the rest of them were looking, it was me, Curt, and Rude, and Rude took a couple guys out and it was over before it even got started.”

For anyone that has ever watched wrestling in their lifetime and happened to see Haku (WWE) aka Meng (WCW) aka King Tonga wrestle, they know how brutal the man is. Taking away the restrictions of being in the ring would allow Haku to use his brute strength and force to absolutely decimate any person in front of him.

Rick Steiner had made the right decision by being good friends with and on the good side of Haku for that bar fight. It isn’t as if the Steiner Brothers weren’t tough enough on their own, though, and they could always hold their own.

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Scott Steiner’s problems with Hulk Hogan have been in place for more than a decade and it doesn’t seem as if they are going away anytime soon. Aside from that, Rick Steiner really can tell some great stories and that bar fight tale is one to remember. Things were different in the wrestling world many years ago and guys like Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, and the iconic Haku are some of those that you simply didn’t want to mess with in a brawl.

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