‘Watch Dogs 2’: Replay Mission Feature To Come At A Later Patch

Noticed you can’t replay missions on Watch Dogs 2? Fear not, that feature is coming in a later patch.

Well if you’re new to the Watch Dogs franchise and decided to pick up Watch Dogs 2 last November 15, there’s one thing you need to know: you can’t replay missions—yet. Watch Dogs 2 released this month to an excited crowd, delivering fresh perspectives on hacking and puzzle mechanics to draw the line between itself and Grand Theft Auto (GTA). But despite Ubisoft’s efforts to create a brand new game out of Watch Dogs 2, a lot of people find themselves getting drawn to the game the same way they were pulled by GTA. The heists, the cars, and that nostalgic Bay Area map.

This very same fondness with GTA V, however, has fans asking, “How do we replay missions in Watch Dogs 2?” Well, if you tried to stray away from Watch Dogs 2 reviews to keep the mystery of the game intact when you break into it, a couple of reviews such as IGN’s did not fail to take note that you won’t be able to replay mission in Watch Dogs 2 just yet.

“Missions themselves are strong and refreshing in their flexibility, however…That freedom feels great, and is reminiscent of the Gang Hideout missions of the first Watch Dogs, which were by far my favorite part of that game. But given the potential for replayability, it’s disappointing there’s no way to revisit an early mission without starting a new game.”

GTA V and Red Dead Redemption both featured mission replayability, which allowed players to revisit certain missions they feel they could have done better, with a different approach, or just to go through the exhilarating experience again. In games such as Watch Dogs 2, a member at the GameFAQs forum adds that being able to replay missions really helps extends the life of a game, since it allows you to jump right into whatever mission you feel particularly drawn to at whatever moment. This is especially crucial for those who simply don’t have the time (or just don’t want to) to replay the whole story.

Well this is not a surprise for those who were able to play the original Watch Dogs before Watch Dogs 2. The previous Watch Dogs title released in 2014 also did not allow players to replay a mission. However, it is worth noting that a subsequent patch in 2014 introduced some level of mission replayability to Watch Dogs, alongside the ability to hack your friends, Gaming Bolt reports.

With this kind of progression in Watch Dogs, we can only expect that the ability to replay missions in Watch Dogs 2 will also come at a later patch. In fact, member Linzo48 at the Watch Dogs subreddit already raised this concern.

“Watch Dogs 2 has some serious replayability. The missions in the game are one of the best and most creative missions I’ve seen in any open world game. They can be approached and completed in many different ways, but yet we can’t replay them like what’s up with that? Might not matter for some of you but I’m a really experimentative person. Please patch in the option to replay operations Ubisoft, at least the main ones.”

In response to the said post, a Ubisoft representative has confirmed that like in the previous Watch Dogs title, the feature that will allow players to replay missions in Watch Dogs 2 will be coming soon.

“Hey guys – just to confirm, we will be patching in mission replayability at a later time.”

Watch Dogs 2 fans are already reacting positively to this news and are hoping that Ubisoft will announce an estimated release date for the said patch. But looking at Watch Dogs 2’s schedule, it may be a couple of days or even weeks before the mission replayability patch goes live since Watch Dogs 2 has just received the seamless multiplayer patch earlier this week, Game Spot reports.

Have you finished the Watch Dogs 2 campaign yet? Which missions are you itching to play again?

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