‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Release Date, Additional Cast Members And Spoilers

Netflix renewed House of Cards earlier this year and many changes have occurred going into Season 5. It was announced that the showrunner Beau Willimon will not be returning and two TV writers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, who joined in House of Cards Season 3, will be the co-showrunners for the highly anticipated fifth season.

The House of Cards Season 5 release date is expected to follow the schedule of all four previous seasons and air around February or March of 2017. Netflix is yet to release a trailer or give an official air date. However, we have some juicy spoilers.

Joel Kinnaman, who plays young and dynamic Republican Will Conway, announced on Twitter that Alik Sakharov will be directing the third episode of House of Cards Season 5.

In an explosive fourth season, the Underwood’s struggle to maintain their marriage but work it out due to their political ambition. Tom Hammerschmidt releases an article that sends Remy Denton and Jackie into hiding after their high-profile relationship is exposed. President Frank Underwood declares war on terror and deals with the hostage crisis in a way that separates him from New York Governor Conway.

Two new cast members, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott, are going to be introduced in House of Cards Season 5. Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson is expected to play a major role in the upcoming series. However, no details about their characters have been announced.

Frank Underwood seems to be fine with Claire and Yates having an affair. However, fans can expect Frank to find a companion of his own or remove Yates from the picture. Given Frank Underwood’s history, if he is going to have an affair, it will be a politically driven decision on his part.

Loyal Doug Stamper struggled to keep it all together in the fourth season. Although he initially volunteered to give Frank Underwood his liver after the assassination attempt, he let a man die so that Underwood will get the next liver available.

A guilt ridden, recovering alcoholic Doug begins his new obsession, which involves seeing the wife of the man who died so that Underwood can live. Doug also made a donation to the family, which may lead back to him in the future.

Some fans predict that Doug Stamper may end up going back to his evil ways to keep the liver donation a secret. Leann helps Claire Underwood and may prove to be his main rival or ally in House of Cards Season 5.

With her Vice Presidency secure, Claire Underwood may plot to kill her husband if he beats Will Conway for a second term. Many expect Frank Underwood’s political experience and lack of morals will give him an edge against Will Conway, who has already been dealt his first blow.

Kevin Spacey has stated in an interview that the similarities between House of Cards and real life political events are coincidental. Many fans expect the series to touch on Donald Trump’s controversial campaign and the perception that people are voting based on their feelings rather than the facts presented to them.

In an interview with Deadline, Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper, gave more insight to the series and the current political climate:

“I mean, it’s pretty wild. You know, always keeping in mind that our show is a drama, but yet somehow, even though this is written a year in advance of anyone seeing it, that we somehow manage to coincide with real political events that happen after we make the show. But never more so than this year, with the primaries running at the same time as ours.”

What are your predictions for House of Cards Season 5?

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