Meghan King Edmonds Announces Arrival Of Baby Girl — ‘RHOC’ Star Delivers Daughter On Thanksgiving

Meghan King Edmonds has wanted nothing more in life than to become a mother. Her journey to get pregnant was chronicled on the most recent season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. She shared her in vitro fertilization saga with the whole world, which included finding out that only one of two embryos implanted took. Edmonds’ devastation was felt by fans as they watched her doctor tell her she was only expecting one child instead of the fraternal twins she was expecting to be there on the ultrasound monitor.

Last month, Meghan King Edmonds attended two baby showers for her bundle of joy. She announced she was expecting a girl this past summer, and again it was announced when she shared the gender reveal she did for her family on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Her entire journey to get pregnant was documented on the show, but it will end with the pregnancy. According to Us Weekly, Meghan King Edmonds welcomed her daughter on Thanksgiving. There are no details regarding the baby girl’s name or birth stats, but Edmonds did make sure to update social media that she had indeed arrived. Baby girl Edmonds will join four siblings from her father’s two previous marriages.

This pregnancy has made a huge impact on Meghan King Edmonds and where she stands with the Real Housewives of Orange County. She decided not to renew her contract for another season with the show. Rumors are circulating that her husband, Jim Edmonds, did not want her to partake in the show now that she will be a mother. From the time it takes to film, to the drama and stress it brings, he was reportedly insistent that she did not agree to return. Fans are disappointed that they have followed the Edmonds’ journey up until this point, but won’t get to see the birth or follow along as their daughter grows up. Several of the other housewives are forced to keep their children out of filming, which easily could have worked for Edmonds if that was the only thing Jim was hung up on.

There have been rumors of marriage trouble for Meghan King Edmonds and her husband, Jim. He was edited to look incredibly uninterested in the in vitro fertilization process, as it was documented on the Real Housewives of Orange County. While it was admitted that Edmonds was hurt by some of the stuff her husband did, she also acknowledged that she understood why it was like it was. Fellow housewife Heather Dubrow showed Meghan support and chimed in that her husband was the same way. As far as Edmonds is concerned, her marriage is rock solid and the addition of their baby girl is something they both wanted and are excited to have happen.

Fans can expect more information from Meghan King Edmonds about the birth of her baby girl in the upcoming days. She promised everyone more details after she made the birth announcement on social media earlier today. Edmonds did not mention any of the baby girl’s stats, including what the couple have decided to name her.

The original due date was December 5, which puts the birth just under two weeks early. There was no indication that baby girl Edmonds needed any special care, and Meghan insinuated that everything was fine with the delivery. The excitement among the Real Housewives of Orange County fans can be felt across social media. Many of them feel connected to her through the journey and are sending both Meghan and Jim Edmonds lots of love and are joining in on celebrating the birth of their baby girl on Thanksgiving.

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