‘The Division’ On PlayStation 4 Likely Updating To 1.5 Patch Next Week, ‘Survival’ DLC Launching On December 20

Braving a blizzard without skills or weapons while slowly moving toward the Dark Zone is the harsh concept of “Survival,” the second piece of downloadable content for The Division. The session based mode is out now on PC and Xbox One alongside a new World Tier bracket, new items, and much more. However, the base patch content and the DLC are still not available to PlayStation 4 players.

With the 1.5 update and “Survival” content live on PC and Xbox One, PlayStation 4 players are patiently waiting for their platform to be updated. Even though an exclusivity deal keeps the release of downloadable content for The Division delayed by at least one month, developers of the game try to push out base patch and game features early to the PlayStation 4.

Higher World Tiers affect all missions in the game [Image by Ubisoft]

Unfortunately, the 1.5 patch did not release on PlayStation 4 this week. Although the 1.5 update was expected only a few days later on PlayStation 4, the earliest 1.5 will show up on PlayStation 4 is a full week after its release on PC and Xbox One. As announced in this week’s state of the game on Twitch, the patch submission process to Sony was interrupted by technical difficulties causing the update to be delayed. Basically, the first party, in this instance Sony, was not able to access and assess the update in time for a release this week because of an unforeseen technical issue.

Now, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft are awaiting word from Sony on the patch’s status. The patch is with Sony and The Division team should have an answer from Sony on Monday regarding its release on PlayStation 4. If everything is okay with the patch, 1.5 could deploy on PlayStation 4 as early as Tuesday, November 29. The release of the 1.5 base patch on PlayStation 4 is coming well before the “Survival” DLC appears on the console. Its release has no bearing on when “Survival” will finally come to the platform. This slight delay of 1.5 content to the PlayStation 4 will not affect the “Survival” release date of December 20.

Hunters seek out players in the Survival mode [Image by Ubisoft]

Some players did question why the 1.5 update was not postponed on PC and Xbox One to coincide with the delay on PlayStation 4. The community team for The Division answered this query in the state of the game as well, saying that if the 1.5 patch and “Survival” was delayed on those platforms that would have adjusted the release of “Survival” on the PlayStation 4 due to the exclusivity deal with Microsoft on the game’s DLC release timeline. Allowing PC and Xbox One to receive the 1.5 update and “Survival” on time will ensure that PlayStation 4 players receive “Survival” on December 20 with no additional delay.

The 1.5 update includes the new World Tier bracket with a higher gear score. Players will need a gear score of 224 or higher to access World Tier five where items can drop with gear scores up to 256. A new gear set called FrontLine, new named gear pieces, and an increased stash size are also part of the 1.5 patch as reported by the Inquisitr. Moreover, stagger and enemy armor damage will begin to function in PvP, mission rewards for lower World Tiers will be adjusted, and many weapons will be balanced differently. All of that and many other changes are expected to release on PlayStation 4 next week if 1.5 launches as planned.

The new, optional Survival game mode will not be available when 1.5 releases on PlayStation 4. To reiterate, that paid downloadable content is completely separate from the 1.5 patch and will not release on PlayStation 4 until December 20. The official 1.5 and DLC patch notes, which can be viewed on The Division website, separate and detail both the 1.5 update and the “Survival” DLC.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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