Plus Size Model Iskra Lawrence Strips To End Body Shaming [Video]

Iskra Lawrence is a plus size model and managing editor for the Runway Riot website, giving her a personal perspective on the issues of self-confidence and body shaming that plus size women face on a daily basis. Lawrence has long been known for her wild publicity stunts, so it makes sense that Iskra chose to use her bared body to bring attention to the problems women face from bullying and body shaming. While Lawrence isn’t the only plus size model hoping to bring an end to the harsh judgments women face in respect to their bodies – Ashley Graham and Amy Schumer are just a couple of women speaking out against body shaming – Ms. Lawrence’s attention grabbing antics may be just what is needed to shake things up and draw attention to the cause.

Iskra Lawrence Urges New York Subway Passengers To Love Their Bodies

Yahoo Style reveals that Iskra has been speaking out against body shaming and negative self imagery since her earliest days in the modeling industry and that kind of advocacy has led Lawrence to address the passengers of a New York subway, while stripping out of her clothes. Lawrence used the gimmick of baring her body, down to her bra and underwear, to show others that no one should feel ashamed of their bodies, regardless of different body styles, shapes, or physiques.

Iskra began her speech by explaining that she stripped because she wanted to appear vulnerable and because she wanted to show pride in her body, even if it isn’t the ideal physique according to society’s standards. Iskra adds that our own opinions are all that matters when it comes to judging our bodies, so high self esteem is important.

Whatever may have been going through the passengers’ minds when Ms. Lawrence stripped off her dress, they were soon captivated by her courage, her passion, and her message that our bodies are only vessels for our spirits. Iskra stressed that our physical appearance is far less important than the soul dwelling within.

“This body is not just something to be objectified, to be grabbed, to be looked at. This is my vessel, this is my home. I respect it,” Iskra said. “No matter what I’m wearing right now, do not judge me because I am more than what I am.”

Iskra Lawrence Spreads A Message Of Hope For Everyone

Certainly, Ms. Lawrence’s messages of hope and positive perspectives is directed at plus size women seeking inspirational role models, but as Daily Mail reveals, she hopes to reach everyone with her images and words. Iskra also stripped down to her white bra and pink panties for another message of hope. The model and advocate also used the latest posting to blast the use of Photoshop in covering up the imperfections of models and everyday women.

“I used to see photoshopped images and think well if they think I’m more beautiful with no lil rolls, cellulite or my thread veins then those are flaws, and I shouldn’t have them. WTFFFFFF??? there’s nothing wrong with any of those things,” Iskra Lawrence captioned the Instagram post.

Iskra adds that she will never airbrush the photos she shares of herself on her social media accounts because she finds beauty in her own imperfections. Lawrence also feels that making her body seem “perfect” detracts from who she is as a person.

Lawrence also feels grateful to her fans, whether they’re New York subway passengers or online followers, because she feels their support sends the message that society is changing its viewpoints on what is considered beautiful.

“I’m grateful I have all of you to connect w & create images I’m proud of cus (sic) they are real / not retouched,” wrote Iskra Lawrence in closing the Instagram caption.

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