WWE News: The Original Plan For Goldberg Versus Brock Lesnar At WWE Survivor Series Was Very Different

We all know that Goldberg dominated Brock Lesnar during their match at WWE Survivor Series, but you would be surprised to hear what the original plan was for their match as it was very different compared to what we saw. WWE surprised the world when Goldberg not only defeated Brock Lesnar, but he absolutely destroyed him, with Brock only getting one piece of offense in.

WWE had the match end very quickly, which no one saw coming. It was cool and horrible all at the same time. WWE did exactly as they wanted and got the world talking; not only about Goldberg but also about WWE itself. No one had ever dominated Brock that way before, and we were all wondering why WWE would even consider such a finish as there was no way that was the plan all along.

Apparently, it was not the first plan. Bill Goldberg was only signed up for the Survivor Series match with no dates after WWE RAW the very next night, where he was going to walk away. Before the event, however, WWE managed to talk with Goldberg about possibly sticking around a little longer, which he agreed to do. This was after Brock Lesnar himself suggested that they do a few matches together with the end happening at WrestleMania.

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This led to the finish we saw, but the original plan for the event before all of this happened was quite unique. According to Ringside News, there was an idea to pitch the match as a real fight with the announcers calling it like one, and the finish would have been something we would normally see in the UFC with an MMA style finish. Possibly, something similar to what we saw happen with Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton at WWE SummerSlam, but without the open elbow shots to bust someone open, of course.

We very well could have seen a Brock Lesnar win out of all of this, which would have made sense due to him sticking around and Goldberg leaving. This would have tied the series between the two as Goldberg won the first match at WrestleMania 20, while Lesnar would have won at Survivor Series. Now, the match series between the two is 2-0 in Goldberg’s favor, which makes another match with Lesnar sort of useless in theory.

Let us set up the storyline that Lesnar does win at WrestleMania 33, which is fine. He would have lost the series rather than won it. So really, is there a need for a third match if Lesnar lost the first and second? It’s like WWE having a two out of three falls match where someone wins the first two falls, but they still allow for the match to continue.

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Once you win twice, a three-match series is done. This is why WWE might not be done with these two at WrestleMania. They very well could go a few more matches with the conclusion possibly even happening at Survivor Series next year. Right now, no one knows how long Goldberg will stick around. He’s only contracted to WrestleMania, and that is it. If WWE can manage to keep him around on a deal similar to Brock’s, then it is likely we’ll be seeing Goldberg for years to come on a regular basis.

While Goldberg is almost 50 years old, WWE has had people work with them that are older than that, including Ric Flair. Vince McMahon wrestled well into his 60’s off and on.

Bill Goldberg did not spend very long in wrestling before this latest match. He spent a hot number of years with WCW, and then one with WWE. His body is not as beaten up as with the likes of a Flair or even Hulk Hogan. Plus, he looks exceptionally fit for a man about to turn 50, with a muscular, defined physique.

Goldberg probably could wrestle for years to come if he truly wanted to and he stays healthy. The question is, does he want to wrestle for more than a few more matches? Also, would WWE want him to be around for much longer? It seems like they do as Bill’s run has been profitable, but we shall see what occurs. Meanwhile, Goldberg’s rivalry with Brock Lesnar seems to be heating up rather than cooling off, and that is what’s best for the business, as Triple H loves to say.

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