Catelynn And Tyler Baltierra: ‘Teen Mom’ Couple Tackles Painful Adoption

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra decided to give up their daughter, Carly, for adoption when they were filming Teen Mom a few years ago. They had decided to give up their daughter for adoption because they didn’t have the resources and the family support to take care of her. But when Carly was born, Tyler Baltierra begged Catelynn to keep her even though Brendan and Teresa — the adoptive parents — were eagerly waiting in the hospital.

They were excited to meet their daughter, but they stuck to their plan. Over the past couple of years, both Catelynn and Tyler have struggled with their decision to give up their daughter for adoption, but they have been very open and honest about their struggles.

According to a new tweet, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are now working on a brand new show where they help people find their biological parents. The trailer shows an emotional journey, where Tyler and Catelynn are helping a girl locate her biological mother. But her sister warns her that what she may find out about her mother isn’t something she would want to know. And when Tyler Baltierra gets the girl ready to meet her mother, she storms out. Even though it isn’t necessarily the kind of spinoff that people expect from a Teen Mom couple, it is an interesting idea. And it sounds like people could use their help.

“It took me 31 years to find my birth daughter in a ‘private’ adoption. Happy for you both,” one person wrote to Tyler after watching the trailer for their new show, Reunited.

Baltierra replied, “That’s why I want to help people with the #ReUnited project, so not everyone has to wait 31 years before they meet.”

After giving up their own daughter for adoption, Tyler and Catelynn really struggled with their decision. Catelynn really struggled with depression, and on this season of Teen Mom, she went to Arizona from Michigan to get treatment for her anxiety. But it sounds like she’s doing much better these days, as Tyler Baltierra has been staying in Michigan to work on their new home.

“Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you spend it with people that you love and care about. Also remembering to reach out to those in need #GiveBack,” Catelynn revealed on Twitter this week, hinting that they are doing much better these days.

It’s no secret that Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn have had their struggles over the past couple of years. Catelynn really struggled with some mental issues after giving up her daughter, Carly, for adoption, and Tyler has struggled to understand how things are working out in their relationship. Catelynn and Tyler have both opened up about their struggles and their lack of communication.

“Tyler and I — I feel like our communication has always been good,” Catelynn revealed about her relationship with Tyler Baltierra, according to Us Weekly. “Sometimes rocky, I feel, like when it’s going through hard times because — especially with my mental illness — you don’t want to put everything and all that stuff on another person.”

“But he’s also very good at, like, listening and giving me an opinion, you know, and what he feels,” she continued about her relationship, adding, “But I feel like communication is always something that you’re working on in a relationship anyways [and] trying to be as open and honest with somebody, saying things in the right way so it’s not gonna hurt someone’s feelings or scare them or anything like that.”

What do you think of Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra’s decision to do a spinoff show about adoption called Reunited for MTV?

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