Kate Gosselin Returns To Television Amid Controversy, Talks Where She’ll Be In 10 Years

Kate Gosselin is constantly making headlines. She began her life in the reality television world 10 years ago with a husband and eight children, and now she’s dealing with a nightmare divorce and raising her children alone in the spotlight. The Gosselin divorce was very public and incredibly brutal. Kate decided to continue the TLC reality show without Jon, and it became Kate Plus 8 instead of the initial run as Jon & Kate Plus 8. With a new season airing, a lot of drama has been brought to the forefront and rumors are running rampant.

In preparation for the new season of Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin has been doing a minimal amount of press. She has talked about regrets in life and reflected on how chaotic the last 10 years have been for her and her eight children. According to People, Kate Gosselin feels she will be a crazy dog lady in another 10 years. She has focused her entire life on her children, and when they are grown up and gone, she will have a house full of dogs. There is plenty to get through first, though, especially with the drama and judgment she is experiencing with her son Collin. The entire situation is a mess, and Kate and Jon haven’t really made what is happening clear with fans or the media.

Being a mom of multiple children is hard, and Kate Gosselin has had her work cut out for her. She welcomed twins with ex-husband, Jon, first. A few years after that, they welcomed sextuplets. It was when the twins were 5 and the sextuplets were 16 months that TLC decided to reach out and produce a show called Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Throughout the last few years, the Gosselin family as a whole has experienced a lot of heartache. Between the divorce and the situation with Collin, the family has been in the news more often than not. Criticism of Kate’s parenting has been a hot topic for years now, with the most recent allegations centering around alleged abuse. While she denies there is anything wrong with how she is raising her children, Jon Gosselin would highly disagree.

Right now, Kate Gosselin is working on fighting her ex-husband, Jon, regarding their children. For years now, there has been a lot of accusations between the parents about what the other is doing wrong. The twins, Mady and Cara, have spoken out in interviews about the dynamic between their parents and have acknowledged that, for the most part, their mother is the only one around. There were reportedly months in between visits with their father. An interview on Good Morning America a few years ago really showed the world how the older girls were affected by the divorce and where they stood regarding both Kate and Jon.

Kate Plus 8 has already begun airing Tuesdays on the TLC network, and Kate Gosselin is ready to let viewers see what the family has been up to. It will likely feature some of the drama surrounding one of the sextuplets, Collin. Rumors circulated that he was institutionalized by his mom, Kate, although that doesn’t seem to be the case. The details suggest he is getting help in a program for something along the lines of a mental illness. Nothing has been stated as fact, but Jon Gosselin is stuck on telling the media that Kate won’t allow him access to his son. There is speculation that the issue with Collin is something Gosselin is keeping quiet for her son’s privacy, not just to be difficult. It is a situation parents have to deal with, and in the spotlight, it is even worse.

Kate Gosselin has reflected on the last 10 years of her life and the upcoming 10, and she only regrets not spending more time with the kids when they were little and putting less effort into having a clean house.

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