Katie Maloney Weight Gain: ‘Pump Rules’ Star Asks for Love After Body-Shaming Ordeal

Katie Maloney is back for another season of Vanderpump Rules and based on comments from her co-stars, it sounds like Maloney might have gained some weight. Last year, Katie got engaged to Tom Schwartz, and she was busy planning her wedding when this season of Vanderpump Rules was filmed. Maloney might have gained some comfort weight after getting engaged, but rather than encouraging her, some of her co-stars are calling her pregnant and body-shaming her. And sadly, these comments are now being repeated by internet trolls.

According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney revealed that she wants people to be nice on this Thanksgiving weekend, sharing that she doesn’t want to deal with negative comments and trolls this holiday season. Maloney probably deals with harsh comments on a daily basis, and she’s now asking people to give her a break. It’s not like she’s gained a tremendous amount of weight from last year.

“Internet people: Take a break from trolling and telling strangers how much you hate them and give thanks and give back. Spread love not hate,” Katie Maloney revealed on Instagram this week for Thanksgiving, sharing that she hopes that people will spread love rather than hate during this holiday season.

Some people have come to Katie’s defense over the weight gain, but it didn’t help her that Tom Schwartz told the cameras in a confessional interview that he felt that his girlfriend was changing. During the first episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom revealed that Katie Maloney was becoming more of the mean girl this year after making up with Stassi Schroeder. Rather than being understanding and kind, Tom felt that his future wife was becoming a mean girl.

But Kristen Doute, who is also part of the group, felt that people were taking things too far when it came to the body-shaming. Kristen didn’t like how people were so mean to her friend just because she gained some weight during the show’s hiatus.

“It was awful. I mean, Katie’s a size 4. He’s going on and calling her overweight, it’s like what message are you sending to anyone who is a size 4 or bigger?” Kristen Doute told People magazine about Katie Maloney’s criticism, according to Bravo, adding, “The more popular social media becomes and the more outlets that we have, I feel like it’s just getting worse. It’s very hurtful and I’ve had enough of it.”

While Katie Maloney hasn’t said much about the harsh criticism she has received, Kristen has been very vocal about how people need to be supportive of one another. The criticism has been harsh, and Doute decided to write an open letter on her new website about body-shaming as a way of defending her friend, Katie.

“I’m SO OVER you hiding behind your computer screens and hating on women’s bodies. We both know you don’t mean it nor would you ever have the balls to say it to someone’s face. Are you perfect? That was a rhetorical question because the answer is a hard HELL NO! In imperfection, lies beauty. We are all unique. Give someone a smile and a compliment today. Be gracious and kind. It feels a lot better.”

What do you think of Katie Maloney’s tweet about wishing for some positivity? Do you agree that she has been subject to too much hate over the past couple of weeks, simply because she gained some weight?

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