Moon Hee Jun And Soyul Announce Engagement — Upcoming Marriage Of K-Pop Idols Of H.O.T. And Crayon Pop Respectively Take Hallyu Community By Surprise

When it comes to relationships of Hallyu stars, 2016 is clearly lacking in chatter on the subject. However, most news on the matter that does come our way seems to make an impact on the Hallyu community, especially if said relationships include popular K-pop idols. For example, the biggest relationship announcement about Hallyu this year has to be Kai and Krystal, the SM Entertainment K-pop idols of EXO and f(x) respectively. K-pop fans were so invested in their announced relationship at the time, one Korean netizen went as far as to upload a receipt of purchases Kai made at a store to allegedly “prove he and Krystal are having sex.”

About chatter the of rumored relationships, Korean netizens once again believe K-pop idols Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation and G-Dragon of Big Bang are in a relationship simply because their social media activity share similarities in posts that suggest such a relationship. Let’s not forget the countless rumors made about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Then there is of course that huge relationship rumor fabricated out of thin air linking Lee Min Ho with Taylor Swift.

Now the newest Korean relationship has been revealed as Moon Hee Jun of H.O.T. and Soyul of Crayon Pop have confirmed they are engaged. What is amazing about this coupling is that their announcement for marriage came as a surprise to the entire Hallyu community, especially the K-pop community, who did not see it coming.

Moon Hee Joon is well-known for being a member of SM Entertainment H.O.T. After disbanding, he pursued a solo career. His last promoted song was “I’m Not Okay” off his 9th album “BEGINS.” [Image by iHQ]

Moon Hee Joon made the announcement that he was engaged to be married in a handwritten letter to fans on Thursday, November 24. The letter is translated in English below in which Hee Joon is saying he will always think of is precious fans first despite his upcoming marriage.

“I’m an adult, but writing this, I feel like I’ve really become an adult. [My fans], I’m going to marry. It’s another thing that’s changed between us, but for me, you know that you’re always first and you’re precious to me, right?”

However, AllKpop reports that insiders have revealed the former K-pop idol of SM Entertainment boy band H.O.T. is going to marry Soyul of Chrome Entertainment K-pop girl group Crayon Pop. Eventually, Koen Stars — the entertainment company and agency Moon Lee Joon is now signed to — further legitimized what insiders have revealed by providing details about Hee Joon and Soyul’s relationship. Both of them had a good sunbae and hoobae relationship before they began dating back in April of this year. As for their wedding, they plan to have it sometime in February this coming year. Chrome Entertainment — the entertainment company and agency Soyul is signed to as a member of Crayon Pop — stated they cannot confirm the relationship news because they are unable to get in touch with Soyul.

If all parties acknowledge the relationship, then it is wonderful that Moon Hee Joon and Soyul have found love in one another. However, it is a relationship that, as mentioned earlier, took everyone by surprise. Both domestic and international netizens are commenting on social media on the upcoming marriage. Many were surprised the two were in a relationship given the age difference of 14 years while others admired the fact they were able to keep their relationship secret. There are even comments from those who thought Moon Hee Joon and Soyul’s relationship was the next coupling on We Got Married.

Soyul is a member of K-pop girl group Crayon Pop. Their latest song they are promoting is “Doo Doom Chit” off their first studio album “Evolution Pop Vol. 1.” [Image by Chrome Entertainment/Sony Music]

Even Moon Hee Joon’s former bandmates in H.O.T. were surprised by the recent marriage announcement, as reported by Soompi. Tony Ahn mentioned the news on his Instagram in which he proclaimed he would be the master of ceremonies at the wedding. Kangta made his views known in a statement on his radio show Kangta’s Starry Night.

“A lot of people are talking about Moon Hee Joon’s marriage news. I can’t just stay quiet about it, but I never dreamed this would happen. I didn’t even know they were dating, let alone getting married. Personally, I am very happy for the couple.

“They look good together even though they have a senior-junior relationship. So this is how the first idol couple is born. It feels like I’m sending him off and it’s a little strange.”

About their professional lives, Moon Hee Joon is enjoying measures of success as a soloist and television personality after H.O.T. disbanded. His last musical comeback was his ninth studio album BEGINS with the featured title track song “I’m Not OK.” However, Hee Joon has been active in the industry for two decades and has recently released a 20th-anniversary album this month. Soyul, on the other hand, is with Crayon Pop promoting their first Korean studio album Evolution Pop Vol. 1 with its title track song “Doo Doom Chit.”

[Featured Images by iHQ and Chrome Entertainment/CJ E&M Music]

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