‘NCIS’ Season 14 Spoilers: Ellie Bishop’s Boyfriend Revealed

NCIS Season 14 introduced Ellie Bishop’s three brothers this week. However, that wasn’t the exciting part of the episode for some fans. The real buzz was about her new boyfriend’s identity. Did you guess the new boyfriend correctly?

There have been various NCIS theories over Bishop’s boyfriend. Rumors quickly spread that it was either going to be MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves or new NCIS team member Agent Nick Torres. Fans debated online over which of the two agents it would turn out to be, but it didn’t take long to figure out on this week’s Thanksgiving themed episode.

Both of the theories made sense. In the NCIS Season 14 premiere, Bishop told McGee that she had been to Scotland for her break and met up with Reeves. While she never hinted that anything happened between them, she did discuss his stamina and how impressive he was. Some fans quickly jumped to the idea that the two were dating.

In fact, it’s the same guess that Bishop’s three brothers made. They quickly started to give Reeves a hard time because why would two people go away together to another country if they weren’t together? Well, Reeves quickly told them that they’d shared a hotel room, and Abby confirmed suspicions that it wasn’t him by saying that Bishop and Reeves only had a 67 percent compatibility rate.

What about Torres? He has only just joined the NCIS team, but he is extremely flirtatious and is up for a good time. He and Bishop get on well, and this week they were certainly arguing like an old married couple. It makes sense that people would jump to the conclusion` that the two are together.

The brothers even suggested it, but Torres walked away from the conversation. Was that to hide something or because he didn’t want to be pulled into the unnecessary drama?

Abby shared with Quinn that Bishop and Torres were definitely not together. They don’t even have a 20 percent compatibility rating. Alarm bells went off when Abby said that Bishop and Gibbs have the strongest rating in NCIS. Just no! Even Bishop’s brothers didn’t want that to be the case for the NCIS Season 14 storyline, as International Business Times reminds everyone.

In the end, Bishop did share with Gibbs and her brothers who her new boyfriend was. Eagle-eyed viewers would have quickly jumped to their conclusions when Qasim Naasir turned up to help Bishop translate some interrogation tapes. The two jumped apart extremely quickly when Gibbs walked in, suggesting that something was going on between them.

Those who did guess Bishop and Qasim would be the couple in NCIS Season 14 were right. Bishop shared that while she was breaking rule 12 (don’t date people you work with), this is a man that she loves. She’s happy, and she said she isn’t going to apologize for that. It looked like Gibbs was already aware of their “sordid affair” as he just told her that she took her time in coming clean.

This week’s episode of NCIS Season 14 was actually a strange one. It was out of the blue, with no build-up to guess who Bishop was dating. It seemed quickly put together, with writers perhaps suggesting that it would be fun for the sake of a filler episode and a way to get to know Bishop more. For this to be a bigger deal, it would have been better if the first half of NCIS Season 14 had Bishop sneaking around with someone just like Palmer and Michelle Lee did during Seasons 4 and 5.

The secret is now out of the bag. Did you guess right when it came to the identity of Bishop’s boyfriend? What did you think of the decision to tell this story this week?

NCIS Season 14 will take a break next week, but the drama will be back on December 6, 2016, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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