Kelly Dodd’s Daughter Stalked On Instagram? ‘RHOC’ Star Comes To Daughter’s Defense

Kelly Dodd is very protective of her daughter, Jolie, who was featured briefly on The Real Housewives of Orange County. While Dodd appears to be an open book about her marriage and her family, she does realize that her daughter didn’t sign up to be on the reality show, and she shouldn’t be subjected to the criticism that comes her way from being on the show. But Kelly also realizes that some viewers can’t be controlled, especially those who fully support Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Heather Dubrow. And now, people are reading through Jolie’s social media pages and using some of her comments against Kelly.

According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd recently shared a meme talking about how people complain about gaining weight around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. But it sounds like some people felt that Dodd was actually mocking her co-star, Shannon Beador, as she had noticeably gained weight when she was filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. And of course, Kelly couldn’t ignore some harsh comments, especially those that had to do with her daughter.

“Don’t blame the holidays. You were fat in August,” read a meme that Kelly shared on her Twitter this week, sharing that people who are complaining about gaining weight for Thanksgiving should probably look at how much they weighed before the dinner before making such a claim.

But since Shannon Beador had noticeably gained weight this year, some people thought that Kelly Dodd was purposefully mocking Beador’s weight gain. Shannon Beador did post a picture of herself with her family, sharing that while she might be overweight this year, she was having a great time with her family. And some people thought that Kelly was mocking Beador’s weight gain with her meme. One person even thought that Kelly had written that the overweight person was Shannon.

“Why did you delete the post where your daughter said “that’s Shannon for sure”? You should watch what you say,” one person wrote to Kelly Dodd, who was surprised that someone would go on her daughter’s Instagram to look at the comments. As usual, Dodd had a scathing response.

“Um. Stop stalking my daughter. Thanks,” Kelly Dodd replied to the follower, adding later in a separate tweet, “exactly whack job!! That was my Mother on my daughters Insta.”

Of course, some people were quick to come to Kelly’s defense, as she had been the only housewife who dared stand up to Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, and Tamra Judge on this season of the show.

“So…if someone even thinks abt Shannon, it’s Kelly’s fault? Whack job is the right word! Happy Holidays!! Eat your hearts out!” one person wrote in defense of Dodd.

And it sounds like the criticism continued. One person pretending to be Tamra Judge wrote several tweets to Dodd, sharing that she was too much to handle and that she might have hit her head too hard during the dune buggy accident that was featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County. It should be noted that the person is indeed impersonating Tamra, and Judge has asked people to report this person to Twitter.

“Everyday I pray for money, fame, more money, that my spiritual adviser & I could stop our sexual tensions. oh yeah, Sidney! I wish she would’ve grown up to be less like me & more like her father! Jesus Christ!” the Tamra impersonator wrote, adding, “oh and what makes you think you’re daughter doesn’t get to get brought up KELLY do you think your special!? sometimes I think you hit your hard a little too hard while I was being a crazy show off in the dune-buggy. I’ll PREY on you though since I am a true Christian Louboutin!”

What do you think of people stalking Kelly Dodd’s daughter on Instagram to use comments against her?

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