Jax Taylor On Chrissy Teigen Hanging Out In SUR Alley: ‘If Those Walls Could Talk’

Jax Taylor may be a bartender at the famous SUR restaurant these days, but he knows that the drama between his co-stars doesn’t happen in the restaurant itself. And maybe that’s because Lisa Vanderpump wants the restaurant to be a peaceful place where dining guests can enjoy their rose wine and fried goat cheese balls in peace. But the employees can take a break and head out to the alley behind the restaurant, where they can hang out and relax. And it is here that the biggest secrets and revelations have been shared on Vanderpump Rules. It’s so brutally honest in that alley that Chrissy Teigen joked about hanging out there for a while.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that she should definitely hang out there because there are many secrets looming in that space. As he points out, if those walls could talk, people would probably be shocked at all of the secrets and lies that have been told over the years, even before Vanderpump Rules started filming.

“I’m gonna start hanging out in the alley of SUR, sitting on the abandoned motorcycle just to watch pump rules live,” Chrissy Teigen revealed on Twitter this week after watching Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, where it was teased that Katie Maloney would confront Lala Kent about her married boyfriend.

“If those walls could talk. Those walls are stained with tears, wine and goat cheeseball residue. People’s lives can change in that ally,” Jax Taylor replied to Chrissy, sharing that many lives have changed with secrets and stories that have been spilled in that alley, to which one person wrote, “That alleyway is like the Starship bridge on Star Trek, its where all important action is centered around.”

And Jax couldn’t agree more, writing, “You haven’t lived unless you battle in the SUR back in the #SurAlley. Need to make this a ‘thing’, Chrissy Teigen is so right.”

On this season of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney will confront Lala Kent about supposedly having a married boyfriend, who bought her a Range Rover. While Lala has denied dating a man who is married, she doesn’t explain where she got her expensive car. And this is just on example of what happens in the alley. It was also here that Tom Schwartz told his girlfriend that he had indeed cheated on her last year. Of course, this year the two of them got married, but Katie had to learn how to trust him again after his cheating.

Another dramatic scene that took place at the back of SUR had nothing to do with Jax Taylor. It was between James Kennedy and Kristen Doute. While she wanted to work things out with James, he was done with her. It was a dramatic breakup that happened last year in the infamous alley.

But don’t expect to see fried goat cheese balls flying and people yelling at one another if you stop by SUR these days. Apparently, one person went there to scope it out, and it was a rather disappointing experience. Maybe the best time to go to the alley is when they are actually filming Vanderpump Rules.

“I went there the other day and nobody was there but Jax lookalikes, I was very sad,” one person wrote after actually going to the alleyway behind the SUR restaurant, while another person agreed that there must be something about that alley, writing, “I’ve thought about this so many times, they film more in that back alley than the actual restaurant.”

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s invitation to Chrissy Teigen? What do you remember taking place in the alley on Vanderpump Rules?

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