Kenya Moore Marriage: ‘Matt Has Been Very Open With Me About Wanting Marriage’

Kenya Moore decided that she wanted to take Matt Jordan back after he got violent with her in Mexico during a recent summer trip. Things appeared to be going well, but Matt didn’t do well when he thought that Kenya Moore was cheating on him with another man. He supposedly checked Moore’s messages on her phone and he tried to kick in a hotel door when she didn’t want to talk to him. After spending some time apart, they decided to give their relationship another shot and it sounds like Kenya was open to the idea of working things out.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she’s happy that she’s given Matt a second chance, as she feels that he could be the one. They have already talked about starting a family together and perhaps even getting married. But Kenya feels that she has to build up the trust again, as she had no idea that he would become violent when he felt insecure. And the first step in rebuilding that trust was bonding on a road trip to Cincinnati for a family reunion.

“We had fun talking and bonding. The worst thing that happened was Twirl got car sick and kept whining and vomiting. We were both happy to get out of that truck,” Kenya Moore explains in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, revealing that she wasn’t exactly thrilled about going on the road trip with Matt in the beginning.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore even offered to pay for two first-class plane tickets so they could just fly to Cincinnati for the family reunion. But Jordan really wanted to drive, as he felt it could be a great thing for them to bond on the road trip. And when they arrived for the family reunion, Moore was surprised that she was approached by Matt’s sister and not his mother. Matt’s sister Hallison had some concerns about their relationship, including Kenya’s intentions with her brother and the age difference between them.

“I was more surprised that it wasn’t his mother. Matt’s sister is older than him and he is the baby. I wasn’t expecting her to be so direct with her concerns. I do, however, appreciate her love for her brother and wanting the best for him. With that said, most mothers love me, but I was skeptical of her acceptance because of our large age difference. As such, I didn’t think she would approve of our relationship,” Kenya Moore explains about Matt’s sister and her critical stance on their relationship.

But it sounds like Kenya Moore is moving forward with her relationship with Matt. The two have already talked about moving in together, starting a family together and now even getting married. As Kenya points out to Bravo, Matt has been very vocal about wanting to get married to her.

“I adore Matt’s family and his mother could not have been nicer toward me. Speaking as a woman who doesn’t have a relationship with my mother, his mom made me feel like I was one of her daughters. It was a beautiful feeling. Matt has been very open with me about wanting marriage. Seeing his family and experiencing the love they have for each other made me want to be a part of it,” Kenya Moore explains to Bravo about her relationship.

Moore recently revealed that her IVF plans are still valid even though they briefly broke up and she hopes that Jordan will be the father figure for the child, even though the baby will be conceived with donor sperm.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s comments about her boyfriend wanting to get married? Do you think she should move forward with her relationship?

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