Kendall Jenner Is Confident That Plastic Surgery Rumors Won’t Ruin Her Modelling Career

Kendall Jenner finds herself embroiled in plastic surgery rumors after photos of her with seemingly plumper lips have emerged. Nonetheless, the 21-year-old model is reportedly secured that such rumors won’t prevent her from booking modelling contracts.

The said screenshots were taken during a Facebook live Q&A session with sister Kylie. The pair was talking about their debut as authors, but instead of fans being curious about their work, many commented on Kendall’s pout. This immediately led to speculations that she got lip fillers like Kylie’s.

A Hollywood Life insider claims that the 21-year-old isn’t bothered. “She’s not worried. All you have to do is see her without make-up and it’s obvious she’s the same beautiful girl as always,” said the source. The insider went on to say that the plastic surgery rumors won’t “make any difference” to the fact that Kendall’s “been booking jobs left, right, and center.”

Kylie also defended the Victoria’s Secret model. She said it’s all her fault because she applied Kendall’s lip makeup and went overboard with the lip liner. The Kylie Cosmetics mogul is no stranger to plastic surgery rumors but she just shrugs them off.

For those who are wondering if the surgery was the reason why Kendall took a break from Instagram, the runway model told The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she simply wanted a detox because it’s the first thing she checks upon waking up and the last thing she spends time on before bedtime.

One reason why Kendall is unfazed regardless of the issues thrown at her is that she does not like drama. It might be tricky to be surrounded with gorgeous and accomplished women, but in a recent post on her website, she tells fans that she isn’t the type to be envious of other people’s successes.

“I hate drama so much! I’ve truly never been a dramatic person, not even when I was younger. The only time I would cry is if I wasn’t allowed to ride my horses. In terms of jealousy, I’ve never been that type (not even with Kylie, haha)!”

When others are being envious of her, the older Jenner says that she just “writes them off.” At the end of the day, she is thankful that the support system that she has in her family is beyond compare. For Thanksgiving, she penned another post which expressed her gratitude for the people around her, specifically the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

“My life is so blessed. I feel like I’m at such a great place right now, where I can truly enjoy and appreciate it all. “I’m so lucky to have the family that I do and to have such a close bond with every member of my giant family. I feel like it’s super rare to have a family where legitimately every member is one of your best friends—but we have that.”

While she recognizes that they’ve had their share of fights, they eventually patch things up and come out stronger. Apart from members of the family, she thanked people in the industry who have helped her attain the career she truly wanted. The final part of her post was dedicated to her fans.

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Kendall loves to share personal stories on her blog, but she continues to be tight-lipped about her rumored romance with Los Angeles Lakers player Jordan Clarkson. The two were first linked in March but did not confirm anything despite accounts of several insiders. Their latest sighting was at Drake’s 2016 American Music Awards afterparty where they “definitely had a flirty vibe going on and were very intimate.”

Jordan likewise attended Kendall’s 21st birthday bash. Her rumored former flames, Harry Styles and Travis Scott, were present as well.

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