‘Pokemon GO’ Ditto Update: How Players Reacted To The Big Reveal

The big Pokemon GO Ditto reveal has created quite a fuss as Niantic confirms speculations that the game developers unleashed the form-changing character via a stealth update. Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased with it.

On Wednesday, Niantic admitted that Ditto has indeed been added to Pokemon GO and is just disguised as other Pokemon.

According to the company’s announcement posted on the official Pokemon GO Facebook page, players should know that Ditto only reveals itself after it has been caught. The company also revealed that using the Pokemon in Pokemon Gym Battles can be quite tricky as it copies the first Pokemon it sees and stays that way all throughout the bout.


Apparently, the code for this particular pocket monster has already been included via a stealth update but was not described in the list of new features or fixes so that it would serve as a Thanksgiving surprise for players of the game.

But while it may be exciting for some, the Pokemon GO Ditto reveal was a bit disappointing to say the least and frustrating to some who noticed that the sneaky Pokemon is mostly disguised as Rattata or Pidgey, the two most common characters players stumble upon since the game was launched in July.

As Niantic explained, Ditto only reveals itself after the Pokemon has been caught which means that players who are hoping to catch it must combine their skills in catching a whole lot of common Pokemon with a bit of luck to get it.

Because of this, players believe that the revelation was only an excuse to revert the recent Pokemon GO update that promises more variety in wild Pokemon.

If you can recall, Niantic rolled out an update earlier in November that showcases fewer Rattatas, Pidgeys, and Zubats both in the wild and from Eggs.


Now, it seems like Pokemon GO players will have to deal with a whole lot more of those Pokemon if only to catch the elusive Ditto.

Meanwhile, other players are worried that they might capture rare and powerful Pokemon in the game that in the end reveals itself as a Ditto.

Mostly, players are worried that all their Pokeballs will go to waste in catching common Pokemon, hoping that it reveals itself as Ditto.

Of course, there are still players who are very happy about the announcement and decided to play Pokemon GO again because Ditto has been confirmed.

On a more cheerful note, those who already got their very own Pokemon GO Ditto are already making fun of the character’s peculiar way of handling Gym Battles.

Of course, there are still those who request for more updates that add Pokemon GO features that they can actually use such as a working tracker, the trading system, and so forth.

What did you think of the Pokemon GO Ditto surprise? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below.

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