‘Dub Challenge’ Photos: From Ugly Duckling To ‘Glo Up’ Beauty — #DubChallenge Winner Gets 30,000 Twitter Likes

The “Dub Challenge” is the latest challenge to go viral on social media, with some people describing the challenge as a Transformation Tuesday photo collage on a Wednesday. Others are asking what the viral #DubChallenge hashtag is all about. Basically, the gist of the “Dub Challenge” seems to feature people posting older photos of themselves in their transformative years, such as when they were “ugly ducklings,” sporting braces and goofy hairstyles, and the like.

As of this writing, just about all of Twitter agrees that the woman in the following Twitter photos — who has received nearly 30,000 Twitter likes for her #dubchallenge photos — is the hands-down winner of the so-called “Dub Challenge.”

Even celebrities like Chaka Khan have gotten in on the #DubChallenge — a woman who called folks wrong for the “dub” part of the challenge. That leads people to wonder what exactly the “dub” in the “Dub Challenge” means.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “dub” can have several meanings, including being an abbreviation for the letter W, which doesn’t seem to fit this particular #dubchallenge going viral. Nor do other definitions of “dub,” such as $20 bills or $20 worth of anything. The 20-inch rims don’t fit this #dubchallenge either, so the best fit seems to be the definition of “dub” that pertains to a remixed song.

“The art of making a remix, especially a reggae song, in which the lyrics are all or partially removed and the focus is placed on the drum track and the bass. Generally incorrectly used as a name for any remix to any song.”

In essence, the #dubchallenge could represent re-mixing oneself to make an even better product or commodity than before. Just like a great song that is made even better with a remix, the #dubchallenge features folks who might look great, who’ve learned to look even better over time, with proper makeup techniques and a bit of lashes and great IG filters. That doesn’t mean that the #dubchallenge is limited to women. Lots of men are participating in the #dubchallenge as well.

The men and women doing the #dubchallenge are contrasting older photos with news pics of themselves looking a lot better than their older photos. The #dubchallenge is currently one of the top trending items on Twitter, with related searches proving that people are still tweeting about or searching for people in the #dubchallenge who they deem “still ugly.”

What is the dub challenge?” That’s the question on the fingertips of people still using Twitter to try and ascertain what the heck the viral hashtag is all about. They are wondering if the #dubchallenge is all about makeup, according to Twitter’s related searches.

They are also asking the exact meaning and why the #dubchallenge is called the “dub challenge.”

One person used Twitter to wonder aloud if the “dub” in #dubchallenge meant it was a challenge only for 20-somethings, but it appears folks of all ages are participating in the challenge.

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Some of the comments flowing into social media about the viral challenge can be read below.

“All these nice eyebrows and perfect teeth on the hashtag got me feeling so insecure.”

“I wanna do the but like I haven’t changed since like grade 2.”

basically is people that got bullied later went on a diet then hit the gym..5 yrs later BOOM. Trend something better internet!”

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“Why ppl who been cute they whole life participating in the ??”

“I’m not gettin the I was thinking maybe age 20 and now? But then I started seeing baby pics, so 20yrs ago? Idk!”

haha appearance isn’t important, focus more on your beautiful personality than your beautiful face.”

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