Zico Teams Up With Crush And Dean To Bring You Into The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ — Korean Rapper Lures Fans In With Music Video Teaser

Ever since Hallyu began, the popularity of the Korean music industry has depended on K-pop acts. Either they be idol groups or solo artists, many fans of Korean music were first introduced to it through K-pop. After 2010, however, K-pop was starting to lose its status as a blanket term for all forms of popular Korean music, as specific genres of music started to stand out. This is especially true for Korean rap which was led by prominent K-pop group rappers like G-Dragon and CL, to solo rappers like Tablo, Beenzino, Loco, and Verbal Jint.

It is safe to say at this point that Korean rap is in a league of its own, able to co-exist K-pop. Many are starting to realize this, which not only includes Korean music fans, but the industry itself. Case and point, YouTube featured a Korean rap song “Eung Freestyle” for their Jaysn’s Theme commercial for YouTube Red. Not only that, we are starting to see more collaborations featuring Korean rappers to help push it internationally either it be with each other, such as MOBB (Bobby of iKon and Mino of Winner) or with K-pop soloists such as Taeyeon (“I” with Verbal Jint and “Starlight” with Dean).

Now Korean rap fans are about to get a major treat as three of the most popular Korean rappers in the industry are about to team up. Zico is teaming up with Crush and Dean for a single titled “Bermuda Triangle.” To help build hype, Zico released a teaser for the music video to lure fans in.


Chatter of Zico’s collaboration with Crush and Dean first started when he posted the above image on his official Instagram. It is a triangle formed by three fluorescent tube lights with the date of November 28 in the center. The next day, the same image with the fluorescent tube light turned on was released. Under the light was the rapper’s name, Zico. Two days after that image, another image appeared with the left fluorescent tube turned on. The name next to it was Crush. Eventually, an image with all three fluorescent tube lights turned on revealed that three rappers, Zico, Crush, and Dean, were working together on “Bermuda Triangle” as shown below.


The fact that three of the most popular Korean rappers in Korean rap right now are collaborating is enough to get fans hyped up. However, Zico enticed them even more by releasing a music video teaser (shown at the top of the article) showcasing an “eerie concept,” as reported by AllKpop. The music video shows the aesthetic of the upcoming music video for “Bermuda Triangle.” Apparently, there will be a bit of melody to the song too.

It should be noted that “Bermuda Triangle” is the very first collaborative song to be made by Zico, Crush, Dean, and the latter’s crew, Fanxy Child. According to Soompi, Seven Seasons, the entertainment company and agency Zico is signed to, made it known to fans that through the collaboration, they will hear a “new sound.” “Bermuda Triangle” will be a song that is completely different from the music Zico has released so far.

Ultimately, “Bermuda Triangle” will most likely top off an excellent year for all three of the Korean rappers. Zico, through Block B, had three comebacks starting with their fifth EP or mini-album, Blooming Period, followed by their single album, Toy, and ending with their first Japanese studio album, My Zone. Crush released five songs this year, including the popular “Don’t Forget,” featuring Taeyeon, and went on his first American tour. Finally, Dean released three songs this year, with his latest song “D (Half Moon),” reaching No. 15 on the Korean chart.

[Featured Image by Seven Seasons]

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