WWE News: Update On Brock Lesnar’s Schedule Heading Into ‘WrestleMania 33,’ Goldberg Rematch On?

WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar might have lost to Goldberg in a dominating way at WWE Survivor Series, but he’s most certainly coming back, and he’s looking for blood. Well, maybe not in the real sort of context but in the storyline way. Keep in mind; pro-wrestling is scripted entertainment, everyone. In any case, Brock normally takes off for a while in between big events. He often just works the big shows, but Brock will come in for other events depending on what the WWE needs from him.

Now, according to WWE.com, we know Brock Lesnar will appear in the Royal Rumble match. This came just a day after Goldberg announced his participation in the match, which seems like such a coincidence, right? Before all of this, however, according to Ringside News, Brock is set to make an unofficial return when he goes to Mexico City for a WWE tour there on December 3rd. He is set to take on Rusev, who called him out a bit on Twitter. The thought is that it’ll be a squash match.

The current plan is for Goldberg and Brock Lesnar to participate in the Rumble match, but neither wrestler will win. It is uncertain when Brock or Goldberg will appear in the match as of this writing. However, they are THE rivalry to watch heading into the event this January. The thought is that Lesnar will cost Goldberg the win, which will make Bill ticked off enough to agree to a rematch for WrestleMania 33.

Goldberg spears Lesnar
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This is similar booking to how they did their WrestleMania 20 match, which some find to be lazy. However, it is most likely the best way to do things with the time and events available. Clearly, many fans do not even know what happened back then as they either weren’t watching, weren’t alive, or just don’t know their WWE history all that well.

When Goldberg announced on WWE RAW that RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon asked him if he had “another title run” left in him, the Toronto crowd went nuts in their cheering for a possible run. Goldberg is being cheered wherever he goes and getting love from Canadian fans is never easy to accomplish. You usually run into what are known as “smarks” in Canada. Meaning, the fans are knowledgeable about the business, and they are aware of what is going on in and out of the ring. They truly know who is good or bad, and they cheer for the best performers and don’t always go with the wrestler the WWE portrays as good or bad as a character.

They’ll obviously cheer for countrymen like Chris Jericho (who was actually born in New York) and Kevin Owens. They also cheered heavily for Bobby Roode and did Perfect 10 chants in support of Tye Dillinger every time WWE was in Canada. The fact that Goldberg had them on his side is impressive because his love for United States is well-known.

Brock Goldberg
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Due to his fan reaction, there is some talk of possibly putting the WWE Universal Title on him in the future. However, he is currently only signed on for the two events, Rumble and Mania. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar is on a per date deal for a while with WWE, and there is a thought that he will actually take the Universal Title eventually. There was even rumors that he would take it in January before the Goldberg thing materialized.

Interestingly, it was actually Brock Lesnar himself who called for the loss to Goldberg and extra matches with him. When Bill agreed to it, that is when we saw what happened at WWE Survivor Series. The plan originally was for Brock to win and then the series with Goldberg would have been tied up, which only added to Lesnar’s legacy heading into WrestleMania season, where it was rumored he would take on SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon.

Obviously, plans have now shifted due to last-minute contract negotiations with Bill Goldberg. Brock Lesnar versus Goldberg III will happen at WrestleMania 33, and hopefully, it turns out better than the last two, which have disappointed fans. The hope is that the two will give us a much better and far more competitive looking match at WrestleMania 33. If not, there will continue to be disappointment surrounding them, and it will forever be known as one of the most disappointing rivalries in WWE history.

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