Park Shin Hye: K-Drama Actress On ‘Doctors’ Joins Korea Food For The Hungry International Philanthropy Club After Donating 100 Million Won To Charity

One of the most popular actresses on Korean silver and small screens today is Park Shin Hye. First recognized for her initial role in the popular Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) K-drama Stairway to Heaven playing a younger Han Jung Suh (primary role played by Choi Ji Woo), she has grown in popularity after taking on memorable roles in many popular K-dramas, including Heirs opposite Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers, The Legend of the Blue Sea) and Pinocchio opposite Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger, W). Let’s not forget that Park Shin Hye has played memorable roles in K-movies too, including The Royal Tailor and The Beauty Inside.

It is safe to say Park Shin Hye is very successful in Korean entertainment, and thankfully, she remains grounded. In other words, fame and fortune haven’t gone to her head. Besides acting, Shin Hye is known for her charity activities and goodwill ambassadorships. Probably her most recent activity is becoming an ambassador for Chung-Ang University alongside Yuri and Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation and Kim Soo Hyun.

Now, recent reports are showing that Park Shin Hye has become a member of the Philanthropy Club Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI). Not only that, she has already donated 100 million won towards their cause to fight world hunger.

The KFHI is an organization dedicated to raising the awareness of poverty and hunger not just in Korea but around the world, as reported by AllKpop. Park Shin Hye became a member of KFHI back in 2011 as one of their goodwill ambassadors. However, she recently became a member of KFHI’s Philanthropy Club, an honor given to members who give more than 100 million won (about $85,000 USD) to charity.

Park Shin Hye was honored of becoming a member of the Philanthropy Club of Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) by donating over 100 million won. [Image by KFHI]

Park Shin Hye commented on receiving the honor. She expressed both gratitude and embarrassment on becoming a member of KFHI’s Philanthropy Club.

“I haven’t done much, but I’m thankful and embarrassed to be given this spot. I’ll work harder to share and participate to fit the title of philanthropist.”

It is possible that Park Shin Hye could have become a member of KFHI’s Philanthropy Club much sooner given how much money she makes, but as mentioned earlier, she does a lot of other charity work too. According to Soompi, she organizes the Starlight Angel Project (which is named after her fan club) in which she works with her fans to aid children living in poverty around the world. Through Happy Home School, she helps cover heat expenses for low-income families. Finally, Park Shin Hye launched the Shin Hye Center in Ghana, a multipurpose children’s education center. A second location is currently being made in the Philippines.

Doctors, Doctor Crush

Park Shin Hye not only helps people in real life, but she also does so on screen in her latest role as Yoo Hye Jung in Doctors opposite Kim Rae Won (A Thousand Days’ Promise, Punch). Also known as Doctor Crush, the SBS medical K-drama was very popular among critics and fans alike. It averaged about 17 percent viewership for the nation and more than 20 percent viewership for the Seoul National Capital Area between TNmS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Korea. It is also the third popular medical K-drama by SBS in a row as it follows after Doctor Stranger and Yong Pal.

Ultimately, Park Shin Hye seems to be happy just helping out others whenever she can. Accolades are nice, but helping others is why she gives so much to charity. Star Angels (the official fan club of Park Shin Hye) can help her stay consistent in her giving by watching her K-dramas and K-movies. Doctors is available to view for free, with ads, on Viki and on DramaFever by its other title, Doctor Crush. Also, Park Shin Hye’s latest movie, Brother, just released in Korea recently on November 23.

[Featured Image by Feng Li/Getty Images]